CUT/SEW: Cosplay Sewing Pattern Awesomeness!

Are you getting ready for Cosplay season? I mean, every day is Cosplay season, right? Well, if you are preparing for next year’s festivities already, (the cons on cons on cons happening in 2018) then I have a recommendation for you.


If you are like me and sewing just is not your thing, and you want to decorate something but not make it from scratch because you can’t sew very well, then CUT/SEW is the place for you.

CUT/SEW is an independent sewing pattern company launched in 2016. They had a few simple but innovative goals: create a product without overcomplicated instructions and making quality sewing easy and accessible for movers, shakers, cosplayers, and creators.

Our mission is to elevate sewing at home from the crafty and kitschy to a thing of frantic, creative beauty. We believe that anyone making stuff, whether it’s for fashion or fandom, is making something amazing. Our goal is to help you with your own creative passions in a way that supports your unique skills, body type, and needs.

I have always wanted to cosplay but never had the guts to because I can’t sew from scratch. So, I was always gutted that I could not make what I wanted to and didn’t have access to a pattern to use. With CUT/SEW I can now use this to help make my own fandom, comic book cosplay.

I am super excited to be recommending them to you as someone who has wanted to cosplay myself and never dared to do it. If you can’t sew that well, or can only do sewing with a pattern, it is totally okay. Not everyone is a master at sewing; I only know the basics myself — but, this wonderful website is here to help.

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