“Any crime involving electronic devices is, by definition, cyber.”

The fourth instalment of the CSI franchise follows F.B.I. Special Agent Avery Ryan, played by Academy Award winner Patricia Arquette, and her Cyber Crimes Division team. She, along with her team of FBI analysts and special agents, must catch the criminals that live and prey through the internet.

Last night’s episode delved into the terrifying world of baby auctioning. At first, the Cyber Crimes team believed that it was a kidnapping gone wrong. But, upon further investigation (and some translating), they come to a shocking conclusion: someone’s been using baby cameras to sell babies to desperate parents. With multiple setbacks, three missing babies, and a car accident, I’m just glad that all’s well that end’s well. Well, at least for now. But, thank you CSI:Cyber, for making me paranoid about baby monitors.

So many high-tech goodies were featured on the show, but my favourite would have to be the holographic autopsy. I remember it was shown way back in an episode of CSI:New York, but I haven’t seen it since then. The F.B.I.’s Cyber Threat Operations Centre is also seriously my workplace goals. Did you see their HQ?! Computers galore, guys. It’s tech heaven!

There seems to be some sass going on between Nelson (Shad Moss) and Krummitz (Charley Koontz). Avery claims he’s the best white-hat hacker in the world, and he was the one that caught Nelson. It’ll be interesting to see how the relationship between these two will play out throughout the season. Will they ever become friends?

Our leading lady seems to have a secret of her own. Last night, she revealed that she previously owned a practice in New York. One day, she was hacked and all her patient’s files were stolen and revealed to the public. As a result, one of her patients was murdered. To this day, the culprit is still unknown and at large. Will this be the season’s main villain? Will Ryan ever catch this S.O.B.?

The show has started strong, with 10.3 million viewers (source: USA Today). I, for one, am definitely looking forward to the rest of the season. With all the high-tech goodies (and the handsome James Van Der Beek), I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a great ride.

Cyber thoughts:
-Agent Ryan and I are somewhat alike: we’re still awake at 2:37am. Though, probably for different reasons.
-Can we all just agree that Agent Avery Ryan is extremely badass?
-Nelson’s rhyming strategy is pretty impressive.
-From now on, I’m calling Nelson “Baby Face”. #sorrynotsorry

CSI: Cyber airs every Wednesday at 10pm/9pmC on CBS.