‘Crossing the Line’ Web Series: Friendliness Vs Social Norms

‘Crossing the Line’ is a brand new comedy web series about a girl trying to find the line between friendliness and social inadequacy.

CROSSING THE LINE: “Society sets up lines of what is OK and not OK in social situations. Most people just stay on their side of the line. Not Carrie. Her good intentions often turn awry when the strangers receiving her kindness feel she’s crossed the line”.

Crossing the Line is a web series written and produced by Carissa Casula and directed by Patrick Hunter. The series stars Carissa Casula as Carrie, along with guest appearances by Shaunte Tabb, Liam Seib, Christina Morrell, Connor Noyes, Jake Neuman, Gillian Cooper, and Angela Brockunier.

Crossing the Line released its first six episodes on May 17th on Youtube. Each episode follows a chance encounter with Carrie (Carissa Casula), an eccentric young woman who agitates everyday people when her countless attempts to be friendly cross the line of what is socially acceptable.

All the episodes are between 2 and 3 minutes long, so it’s a quick watch! Check out all six episodes of Crossing the Line on the series’ Youtube channel.

You can also follow Crossing the Line on Instagram on Facebook for the latest updates.


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