Crisis Of Infinite Jugheads In Jughead’s Time Police #5

Time Police #5

The battle to end all battles throughout the Archie-verse is about to begin and no universe is safe. Who will win, will it be Classic Jug or Jughead? This is the final issue of Jughead’s Time Police and it’s everything fans are looking for. We last left Jughead meeting an older version of himself in a universe that is disintegrating.

As they become acquainted with one another, the time police appear with Classic Jug. As all three Jugheads speak with one another, Classic Jug decides he needs to stop Jughead once and for all. Right before he attacks, he reveals that he had a team of Jugheads that he’s tricked to believe that Jughead is evil. Yeah, this story is nuts, but in the right way. What will happen next? Well, let’s dive right in and review Jughead’s Time Police #5.

A Plot That Stops Time

Jughead’s Time Police #5 begins with January McAndrews lost in the time stream trying to find her way home. After a couple of stops, she is ready to face the battle between Jugheads that is about to begin. The comic jumps to Jughead speaking to Classic Jug in a bunker with Cable Jug. Classic Jug cares less and after some choice words, everyone begins to attack Older Jug and Jughead. When their fate looks set, January appears with some help and defends Jughead.

Jug confronting Classic Jug.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #5, Archie Comics, 2019

During the fight, Classic Jug tries to run away until Jughead confronts the fiend. A fight ensues between the two until Jughead stops everything to have an actual discussion with Classic Jug. After they talk, all the Jugheads go back to their timelines, with the exception of one Jug. Jughead then travels home just in time to participate in the battle of the bands. After a great day, Jughead enjoys hanging out with his friends. Hot Dog has other plans when he finds the Time Cap and a bright light suddenly flashes.  

Conflicting Thoughts In Jughead’s Time Police #5

When reading Jughead’s Time Police #5 fans might be conflicted about what they read. Overall, it has what fans wanted in a final issue but the ending feels a bit tacked on. The beginning starts where the last issue left off, where readers have a front-row seat to the battle at hand. This is the highlight of the issue where the story is full of action and comedy.

Jughead proving a point to Classic Jug.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #5, Archie Comics, 2019

Even though the resolution is a bit clunky, it works for the story being told. Some fans might be annoyed that Classic Jug doesn’t get beating with fists, but the book takes the more adult route. Instead of physically fighting someone, some problems can be solved with words and this was one of those situations. Jughead says bestest twice, so there may be some anger towards that too. 

A Narrator From Riverdale

The fight between the Jugheads is phenomenal from start to finish. When this was teased everyone’s minds went wild on how this moment will turn out and this scene surpasses expectations. There is so much action and comedy spread out throughout the scene that it will make all Archie fans smile. The highlight of the moment surprisingly comes from Riverdale’s Jughead.

The insane battle between Jugheads in Jughead's Time Police #5.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #5, Archie Comics, 2019

If readers are die-heart fans or watch from time to time, they will get a chuckle at how he reacts to the events in front of him. As everyone is fighting and there is chaos everywhere this Jughead begins to narrate the events. It’s just as hilarious as it sounds, and the cherry on top of this is that the artist draws him with tons of shade. He embodies the exact style of the Riverdale TV series all the way to the tip of his hair. It’s a detail this comic book team adds that will be widely appreciated. Love or hate the TV series, this moment will get a chuckle out of everyone. 

Trimming The Epilogue A Bit In Jughead’s Time Police #5

After a huge battle, readers get an epilogue that could have been cut down. It’s understandable that this epilogue is supposed to show how Jughead is feeling after the events he lived through. With that perspective, it succeeds at all points, but there is an unnecessary cameo that leaves the readers scratching their heads. The comic would have been fine without it, and it’s unclear if the cameo is deliberate, but it just feels tacked on.

Jughead finally back home after everything he's been through.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #5, Archie Comics, 2019

The character serves no purpose to the rest of the story and doesn’t add anything to the series. They abruptly appear in the book at the end like a celebrity cameo in The New Scooby-Doo Movies. The book could have ended with Jughead just coming home to meet his friends again and enjoying life. The Battle of the Bands feels a bit tacked on because the events he dealt with never came up. To reiterate, the book succeeds in the ways it obliges, but it could have been a bit shorted.

The Exciting Unclear Future of Jughead’s Time Police #5

Jughead’s Time Police #5 was an interesting comic to read. There was so much hype going into this issue, I was so happy that it exceeded my expectations. The issue had action, comedy, and a satisfying ending. I would have done without the cameo, but we were able to see how this whole experience changed Jughead. Like in life we learn from our experiences, good or bad we grow from them. In these final panels of this issue, Jughead seems like he’s grown up and is going to enjoy the life he has instead of trying to change it like he was set out to do in the beginning.

A variant cover of the newest issue.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #5, Archie Comics, 2019

All we could ask for ourselves is to appreciate our life and the people we surround ourselves with. If Jughead can change for the better so can we. In the end, this was a great story that looks like it could lead to even more stories with that cliffhanger. I hope the sequel is a time-traveling adventure where we are taken to more time periods looking for Hot Dog with Jughead and January.

It would give readers more of a chance to get to know January more because after this issue she seems really fun. Jughead’s Time Police is a wonderful story from beginning to end. Even though this may not be the best issue there are many good elements that still make it a good read. Don’t miss out on this new classic Jughead adventure. Grab this series, a hamburger, and a watch because you’ll be having so much fun you may get lost in the timestream yourself. 

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