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Criminal Minds ‘Night Watch’ Review


“Ghosts were created when the first man awoke in the night.” – James M. Barrie (Spoken by Reid)

Trouble is in paradise for Dr. Tara Lewis. The BAU has constantly been shown to add stress to relationships, but it usually doesn’t make people run off as fast as Tara’s fiance did! Turns out her not wearing her engagement ring was a little more than she led it on to be. I get the feeling she saw it coming, and I absolutely love her even more for how she responded to it. On her way into work, she passes Rossi and Reid in the midst of Rossi telling Reid a joke which Reid obviously had to point out the flaws in and greets them with, “How do I look? Went on a diet last night, dropped 185 pounds.”

The team is rushed to Detroit, Michigan, in tonight’s episode of Criminal Minds when a graffiti artist known by the name of Morpheus turns murderous, only no one knows this person’s real identity or what they look like. At least, it appears to be the work of Morpheus until Reid notices some flaws in the signature and realizes that they don’t truly match. They are rushing to find Corinne, the baby the person pretending to be Morpheus has taken before she’s made part of one of the art pieces. The real Morpheus, (who is disguised at the time but later found out to be a woman, Ellen Clark) contacts the BAU to help them get on the right track, only their conversation ends abruptly when Hotch questions why the other half of a blanket that was at a true Morpheus painting was found at the first murder sight.

Turns out, it’s William Cochran. He and Ellen lost their child eight years ago in a drowning accident when Ellen was watching him. He blames her for their child’s death, and when he saw half of the blanket they’d split to keep in memory of him left at one of her paintings, he finds it disrespectful and it throws him over the edge. He’s seen throughout the episode gathering coffins, working with paint, but it’s never revealed what his actual plans were for them. He’s not harming Corinne, in fact he’s been taking care of her. This gives her parents and the team hope that she will remain unharmed until rescue.

William’s goal was to first destroy the reputation of Morpheus and after he succeeded that, he found Ellen and brought her back to where he was keeping the baby. He tells her that she has a choice, for her to die, or for Corinne to die. The team find out his whereabouts from the store he’d been spotted at and when they arrive Corinne is safe while he has Ellen on the roof. Hotch rushes up, but this was the end plan that William had in mind all along. Before Hotch can shoot, he jumps and throws Ellen over the building with him where they fall to their deaths, crashing into two coffins he staged on the ground below. We are left with a moment of happiness though, as they close off the case with Corinne being returned safely to her parents.

Props to the writer Bruce Zimmerman and directer Thomas Gibson for putting this story together so well. What did you think of “Night Watch”? Feel free to leave your opinions below!

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