From editorial Tuttle Publishing, which also published Tokyo Geek’s Guide, comes Cool Tokyo Guide, a visual and lovely guide to visiting the Japanese capital and not die trying.

There’s a certain level of trust you have to put on a writer when it comes to following travel guides. Well, fear not. The person writing this is non-other than Abby Denson, international manga award-winner. And, most of all, experienced traveler of Japan. As a matter of fact, Denson wrote Cool Tokyo Guide while visiting Tokyo with her husband, Matt Loux, friend Yuuko Koyama, and pet Kitty Sweet Tooth.

Cool Tokyo Guide: An Unusual Travel Guide, In A Good Way…

You won’t find countless typical long lists, maps, or directories here. Instead of that, this guide adapts a storytelling format that puts education and entertaining above everything else. For instance, it takes the time to give advice on which is the best time to travel depending on what you’re looking for.

As well as explaining where you can find the most interesting attractions and must-visit spots. There’s also room for explaining how to act in certain social situations or public places (respect is a big deal in Japan, after all). Even how to ask basic questions like the price for something, or the way to the bathroom. In other words, very useful stuff.

What Cool Tokyo Guide Is: A Comic Guide?

In visual terms, the book is literally comic in which the four aforementioned characters narrate their journey in Japan. Because of this, it never really feels like you’re being lectured. But like you’re being accompanied by a group of friends who are already familiarized with the country, and who want to make sure you make the most of your time in the city.

Overall, Cool Tokyo Guide is a fun, easy read for those who are planning their trip to the Japanese capital. But, what makes this guide great is you don’t really have the time to navigate through tons of confusing information. This guide is simple, straight to the point, fun, and easy to the eyes.

Even if you’re not traveling to Japan, you can still enjoy this book for its fun facts on the daily life in Japan, and its lovely illustrations. And, if you’re not traveling to Tokyo, but elsewhere in Japan, you can also get the similar guide by the same author, Cool Japan Guide.

Cool Tokyo Guide is now available in all bookstores!