Web Series ‘Conversations in LA’ Starts Production on Season 2

Conversations in LA
Sleeper hit Conversations in LA is starting production in its second season. The series is currently running for three categories in the 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards.

Conversations in LA is a dark comedy web series created, written, and directed by Anne Marie Cummings. Produced by Immediate Vision Productions, this modern-day story follows the lives of a young Hispanic man (Gustavo Velasquez) and Michelle Macabee (Cummings). Gustavo has already had his fair amount of sexual experience and is currently searching for a meaningful relationship. That’s when his world collides with Michelle, who is dealing with career transition, pet loss, and menopause.

Conversations in LAOther members of the cast include Vanita Harbour as Nicole, Theresa Tilly as Marion, Trey Teufel as Joel, John Kozeluh as Bob, Brett Benner as Alex, Matthew Turner as Mark, and Bryan Chesters as Derrick.

The series is ultimately about “finding what makes us feel alive, whatever stage of life we’re in.” At the same time, it also works as a story about “self-discovery and finding who we are without the influences of those around us.”

Furthermore, Conversations in LA is currently a 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards contender in 3 categories: Best Lead Actress in a Digital Drama (Anne Marie Cummings), Best Lead Actor in a Digital Drama (Gustavo Velasquez), and Best Supporting or Guest Actress in a Digital Drama (Vanita Harbour). The 44th Daytime Emmy Awards will be celebrated on April 30th, 2017.

Production on Season 2 has recently begun as part of its SAG New Media Signatory Agreement. The season will continue to be filmed as single-shot episodes and will feature guest star appearances by Sterling Jones, Jack Plotnick, Rebecca Metz, and Leland Martin, among others.

“There are a lot of directors out there who like single-shots, but not everybody masters this style; it’s very tough. But fortunately, for us, we all work really well together. It’s great to work with a cast and crew that gets, and likes, my artistic vision. It has been refreshing to discover that audiences are hungry for the characters and the in depth, and very real, conversations that make up CONVERSATIONS IN LA.” – Anne Marie Cummings
The first season consists of 14 episodes. You can watch the trailer down below and catch up with it on their website!

Photo Credits: Immediate Vision Productions

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