ConPRmetidos: Fandom-Organized Auction For Puerto Rico!

<em>ConPRmetidos:</em> <strong>Fandom-Organized Auction For Puerto Rico!</strong> 4

“Fandom Loves Puerto Rico”

The recent news about Puerto Rico has taken the world by storm. That brings us to this auction that was sent to us — which is fandom-organized. We thought TDF would be the perfect place to talk about share this incredible auction for Puerto Rico.

This grassroots effort from fandom creators has already auctioned items from fans and professional artists. They have also already pledged $5,000 alone in two days, which is terrific. You can take a look at the auction here. For procedures for the auction and how it works, you can look here. The auction will end at 6PM EST, Mond, y October 23rd.

Puerto Rico

The Rules & How To Bid!

All you need to know about what is being auctioned can be found on those retrospective pages that are linked. In the case that you want to know a few of the rules now you can read this bit:

IF YOU ARE A CREATOR, hit up the list to find where your items have been listed, hunker down, and commence stalking your comment threads.

IF YOU ARE A BIDDER, hit up the various list, or just scroll around down below to find some amazing friggin items that wonderful people are volunteering to make just for you. Also for a really awesome cause! Go spend some money! Do some good in the world!

“Please note you MUST provide some kind of identification while you bid – if you aren’t logged in under DW or OpenID, you must tag each and every bid in an identifiable way (i.e. an email address, “hansbekhart on tumblr” or @fandomlovespr on twitter”, etc) so that we know who you are if you win.””

Puerto Rico: Fandom-Organized Auction

The story begins with a group of Marvel fandom friends when they met for drinks in NYC. They decided to start a small auction of made-to-order fanfic. Less than a month later, more than 300 people donated custom artwork and fanfiction. And, the fandoms are among many — it is not just one fandom or a few!

At NYCC even dozens of professional creators handed this wonderful group artwork, jewelry, and even signed DC comics. What a wonderful way to begin!

You can check out the article about the auction, and it has already started as noted above — so, if you would like to get in on it, please check out the linked websites to the auction.

If you have wanted to help or even want to help more for the relief in Puerto Rico, this is a fantastic way. You are buying fandom merchandise of all kinds and helping out Puerto Rico along the way.

Season 3, Episode 13: "Reboots, Revamps, and The Lethal Fandom."
Season 3, Episode 13: “Reboots, Revamps, and The Lethal Fandom”