Complications In Space During Superman #11

Superman #11

Millions of light years away from Earth a war for power has begun. Aliens races are fighting an endless battle among each other with no end in sight. At the center of this battle is Superman’s father Jor-el. Readers may be scratching their heads at the turn of events, but that’s only the beginning of puzzling moments in Superman #11. We last left the Kents on Earth listening to Jon concluding the horrific events he injured in space.

When the story concludes Superman decides to take Jon back to space to find Jor-el. After traveling light years, Clark and Jon were bombarded by Jor-El’s location. He is somewhere between all the explosions and destruction of an intergalactic war. What awaits these two is a mystery, but what we know for sure is that Clark will do anything to stop this madness. Let’s fly into battle with Superman and Jon in Superman #11.

A War In Space

The issue begins in the phantom zone, where readers find Rogol Zarr speaking to a beaten General Zodd. He explains how superior he is to him, but also wants Zodd to answer some questions. The book then transports the reader to the present where Clark and John are watching an alien war occur. Superman begins to assess the situation and think of his plan of action. Superman and Jon begin to separate all the armies involved.

Superman #11
Credit: Superman #11, DC Comics, 2019

After the firing has ceased, Clark decides to find and confront his father. They begin to discuss why Jor-el is at the center of all this chaos. As they are about to get answers, Rogol Zarr bursts into the scene. He attacks Superman and Jon gets attacked by another individual. As they are about to get pummeled another Kryptonian appears ready to fight these two powerhouses.

The Head-Scratching Moments In Superman #11

As with past issues in this series, there are wonderful scenes that make the comic pleasurable to read. Then, there are moments that are written so carelessly it makes readers scratch their heads in confusion and anger. Superman #11 suffers the same fate and it is a shame. One moment of confusion is shown at the beginning.

Superman #11
Credit: Superman #11, DC Comics, 2019

Superman is quickly able to stop a galactic war by his reputation. It’s an interesting idea, but not believable. He may be a symbol of hope and peace on earth, but it doesn’t mean he’s viewed the same everywhere else. There should have been a better reason why he was able to stop this fight, this just seems unorthodox.

Overshadowing The Arc

The arc has started strong, and every issue since feels like it’s getting a bit worse. There are two other moments that pull the readers out of the book as much as this one did. These moments of bad writing always overshadow moments where the writing is satisfying. It feels like a complete shame that this happened because there was so much opportunity for this to be an epic arc. Like always, though, there is still hope that the arc could end with a bang and these moments could finally overshadow the bad. Still, that shouldn’t be something readers should settle for.

A Creepy Smile In Space

In Superman #11 Jonathan Kent is completely terrifying; Jon Kent will lose so many fans after this issue. Someone needs to rewrite this character because there is something amiss with how Bendis and the artist portray this character. After Clark and Jon arrive in space, Clark begins to figure out what to do in this situation. Readers get a wonderful scene of how Clark’s mind works in horrible situations. He plans, thinks of outcomes and then puts his plan into motion.

Superman #11
Credit: Superman #11, DC Comics, 2019

Jon, on the other hand, is creepily smiling during the whole event. Even when the duos are both separating armies and the situation is becoming intense Jons smile doesn’t fade. There is even a panel of only Jons smile, which is one of the creepiest things in this issue. This arc has shown that Jon has been through a lot and readers should have some sympathy for him. After this scene, though, readers will probably assume he needs to be sent to Arkham for an evaluation. Something is wrong with Jon, and if this is never addressed, readers will never see Jon the same way again.

Super-Tie-In-Comic For Superman #11

If readers want a well-written tie-in to this arc, readers should read Supergirl #21-30.

Superman #11
Credit: Supergirl #23, DC Comics, 2018

Since her series is not an essential reading for the recent Superman arc, it does add a high element to the event. In her books, she has been on a quest throughout space to figure out the truth about Rogal Zarr. In her books, readers get a background on Rogol Zarr and what happens to Krypton. It’s a great read for fans of Superman and this arc, plus #30 leads right into Superman #11.

Holding Onto Hope

Recent issues prior to Superman #11 have had its ups and downs. Where there are good and bad elements contained in each issue. This one doesn’t fix these issues at all, but it’s created moments and a storyline that Superman fans need to read. It adds new elements and makes readers like myself want to see where the arc is going and where it’s going to go next. With the information from the Supergirl comic, I am wanting this series to do more with Rogol Zarr. Zarr has become an interesting villain, but this issue doesn’t do him justice. He is used as more of a doomsday-like character, instead of a layered villain he is, which is a real shame.

Superman #11
Credit: Superman #11, DC Comics, 2019

I plead that something changes with creepy teenage Jon in future issues. Something is wrong with that boy and he needs a rewrite or a retcon faster than a speeding bullet. As Superman is a symbol of hope it always gives me hope that this series will get better as time goes on. I hope with the addition of new characters in this story the book gets better. Until then, I will keep my cape handy with the readers in the hope that this next issue will be better than ever.

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