Hi, fanfic readers! Enjoying Comic-Con already?

Just like we did last year, and the year before that, we are pausing our current July theme to dedicate today’s Fanfic Friday to San Diego Comic-Con. The amount of fanfiction based on SDCC is scarce, so it’s only 7 fics this time, instead of the usual 10. Nevertheless, this is all about your favorite characters getting somehow involved with the SDCC madness! What could be more amusing than that?

Keeping a Promise

By: gillywulf
Fandom(s): Tomb Raider & Related Fandoms
Summary: “The point of fics set in alternate universes are to show that no matter what setting or circumstance, these two people will always find each other. I will find you. Every me loves every you.” A collection of SS Endurance Tumblr prompts/fics.
Rating: General Audiences – F/F – AU-Canon Divergence, AU-College/University, First Meetings, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Comic-Con, Crossover, PTSD, Rugby, Genderfluid Character

Alpha: Coming Out (Soon)

By: AnaIsFangirling
Fandom(s): Teen Wolf
Summary: The TV adaptation of Stiles’ webcomic is up and coming with Derek playing the main character but several social networks, a few perceptive fans and many curious journalists are making it difficult for them to keep their relationship private.
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences – M/M – Comic-Con, Actor!Derek, Artist!Stiles, Award Show, Coming Out, Fangirls shipping, AU-Celebrity


By: copperbadge
Fandom(s): The Avengers (Marvel) – All Media Types
Summary: Tony’s idea of a food truck is…interesting.
Rating: General Audiences – Gen – AU-Chefs, Food Trucks, Comic-Con

The Knight of Hampstead

By: stargirl428
Fandom(s): Dragon Age – All Media Types
Summary: Cullen falls through a rift and lands in the confusing world of 21st century London. There, he meets Rose, a recent fan of the Dragon Age franchise. With the help of her friends, Cullen acclimates to modern life. Will they be able to find his way back to Thedas and uncover the mysteries that connect their worlds?
Rating: Explicit – F/M – AU-Modern Setting, Modern Era, AU-Canon Divergence, Meta, Post-Canon, Romance, Falling in Love, Fate & Destiny, Sexual Content, Explicit Language, Fluff, Smut, Lies, Deception

Never Too Much

By: katkrap
Fandom(s): The Avengers (2012)
Summary: Tony has a little too much fun at his press conference. Steve is not quite as amused.
Rating: Not Rated – M/M – SDCC, Luther Vandross

Once in a Lifetime

By: kaitlia777
Fandom(s): Glee
Summary: Late Spring, 2014 Sam auditions for a role in a TV show and Blaine comes along for moral support…and that’s just the beginning of their adventure!
Rating: Mature – Gen, F/M, M/M, F/F – Future Fic, Marvel Freeform, AU-Canon Divergence, Fluff
Words: 49,215

Oh My God, That’s Chris Evans

By: SkittlesAddict
Fandom(s): Yuri!!! On Ice
Summary: Yuuri and Victor are in New York on their honeymoon, attending their first Comic Con. AKA the fic where Yuuri fangirls over Chris Evans and Victor drools over Sebastian Stan’s abs (because *damn*).
Rating: General Audiences – M/M – Comic Con, Fluff, Drabble, Fangirling, Honeymoon

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