Clexa Rikleimt Seeks to Build a More Inclusive The 100 Universe

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Very few fandoms have reacted as strongly to the ‘Bury your Gays’ trope as The 100‘s Clexa fan movement. Raising large amounts of money for Trevor Project, and creating projects such as LGBT Fans Deserve Better, the Clexa fandom continues doing everything they can to not only fight for their beloved couple, but also for the healthy representation of all lesbian couples on TV. The latest example of this fight is Clexa Rikleimt, a project born from “repeated misuse of queer stories in today’s serialized television”.

Clexa Rikleimt: A Different Version

Re-writing fictional stories by borrowing its universe and characters is what is often used as the definition for fanfiction. However, there are times when fandoms take it a step further and straight-up re-write entire seasons or even create AUs that can be as rich as the actual canon universe. This is something that usually happens in big fandoms, as it requires a lot of work not only from fanfic writers, but also from fan artists, vidders, and many more. An example of this is the Supernatural fandom with its creation of Wayward Daughters in their wish to see more females in the show, or even the re-writing of Season 7 in the massive fanfic series ‘Redemption Road’, which features Destiel as a canon couple.

Clexa Rikleimt - The 100

In the case Clexa Rikleimt, their goal is to re-write Season 3 of The 100 to fix the “incredibly harmful and traumatizing” events that took place in it, as well as the “poorly written and, in many ways, downright nonsensical” storyline. This new group seeks to “provide positive representation to minority groups, not just LGBT+”, something that the show failed to do.

In Clexa Rikleimt, fans of The 100 and Clexa are joining forces to build a universe that’s more inclusive and engaging than Season 3. They’re doing so by including not only stories, but also illustrations, animations, original musical pieces, and even wiki articles! The project is not so much a fix-it-fic, but “an attempt to expand the universe by engaging all the creativity and passion in the Clexa fandom”.

The Clexa Rikleimt is also a non-profit project. They do not claim ownership over any of the works submitted by fans. In fact, the creators are currently in contact with various legal sources in order to create an air tight document that would protect everyone associated with Clexa Rikleimt.

If you wish to contribute to Clexa Rikleimt in any way, you can submit your form here.
You can also follow them on their Tumblr blog, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

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