‘Classic Alice’ to Expand Transmedia Experience with Character Diaries

'Classic Alice' to Expand Transmedia Experience with Character Diaries 3

Transmedia in web series has always been seen as an online experience in which the audience gets to interact with the characters of the story. These experiences often come in the shape of Twitter or Tumblr profiles for the fictional characters. Literary web series Classic Alice is taking a step further and moving from the Internet to release character diaries.

By reading these character diaries, fans will be able to know whatever goes on the characters’ heads including their inner thoughts and feelings that they wouldn’t be sharing online. These diaries are composed by show creator, writer and star Kate Hackett and will be written out in each character’s individual handwriting.

So far, the innovative idea has been a success as hundreds of fans have already signed up to receive their diary entries all season long. The fans also get to choose their character of choice for reading. In celebration of Classic Alice‘s recent one million view milestone, fans who requested diary entries during the first week of sign-ups received a paper version of the first entry in the mail for free. From there, fans could opt to continue receiving a weekly electronic version of the diary for free or to purchase a subscription to receive a paper entry in the mail each week. Aside from that, the paper versions include a whiff of the character’s perfume or cologne, and, for a limited time, fans who sign up for a paper subscription will also receive a personalized note from their character.

Even though Alice is sold out, a limited number of subscriptions are still available for other characters. You can catch up and sign up HERE.

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