‘Classic Alice’ Launches Olenska’s Quarterly + New School Store Designs


The first issue of Classic Alice‘s new interactive literary magazine, Olenska’s Quarterly, has just been released. The magazine works like a graduate student publication at Alice’s Valeton University. The magazine even features stories written by fans! The first issue includes fiction and poetry written by several fans as well as a story by actor Chris O’Brien (Alice’s nemesis Ewan). Olenska’s Quarterly is also accepting submissions for future issues. You can send yours at olenskaq@gmail.com.

Creator, writer and star Kate Hackett has stated that she is “so proud to be able to supplement our fans’ incredible interest in the written word by giving them a cool space to CREATE in addition to weaving classic stories into new ones”.

On the other hand, there are other developments and additions going on at the Valeton school store for this fall. Fans can now see the new Valeton Fighting Ocelots logo, which is available on hoodies, mugs and more. The store is also launching an in-world contest for Valeton students to submit designs which will be voted on by other students as well as fans. You can follow the latest updates on the contest by following Valeton University on Twitter. Two other new designs have also been added to the store, including Alice’s Bring It On Books catchphrase and the new Classic Alice Life logo.

The new semester is starting soon and new episodes will appear on their Youtube channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. PDT!


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