Classic Alice Announces Persuasion Arc, Charity Auction for the Holiday Season


Literary web series Classic Alice welcomes the holidays with the debut of a new arc: the Persuasion Arc.

Classic Alice - Persuasion Arc - The Daily Fandom

This arc is inspired by Jane Austen’s widely popular novel Persuasion. Last season, Alice (Kate Hackett) already considered reading an Austen novel before changing course, and this year she’s all in. The first episode of the Persuasion arc, “Love and Friendship” is now live on Classic Alice‘s YouTube channel. New episodes will premiere each Tuesday and Thursday at 9 a.m. PST.

Aside from the new arc, Classic Alice is also warming up for the holiday season with some nice surprises for their fans and works of charity. They have started a wardrobe auction to benefit the Global Fund for Women on Ebay, a holiday playlist created by Alice’s music major roommate Cara on Spotify, as well as an invitation for fans to share their holiday traditions and activities with pictures and videos uploaded to the web series’ Facebook, Youtube, or on Twitter using the hashtag #HolidayNeutralAlice.

You can find more information on Alice’s holiday update video down below!


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