Classic Alice

Classic Alice Available On Amazon Video From May 19th

Literary web series Classic Alice will be joining Amazon Video with longer episodes, starting next week.

A little over a year after Classic Alice released its final episode, the series will be available to watch (or rewatch) on Amazon Prime from May 19th. The series can be purchased through an Amazon account, and be enjoyed at any time on any device with the Amazon app. The original episodes are now edited into longer episodes arranged by the book, a format that is perfect for both new viewers discovering Alice for the first time, and for longtime fans.

Classic Alice on AmazonClassic Alice earned its popularity for being a web series that spoke directly to book nerds. The show tackles many classics in interesting ways as college student Alice (writer/creator/star Kate Hackett) makes life decisions according to the actions of characters in classic literature. The series prides itself on entertaining viewers while making them think about their favorite books in new ways.

Classic Alice has enthralled web series and book fanatics over two years and 100 episodes. Kate Hackett speaks about the incredible journey: “We started with basically the same audience as The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved — we absolutely planted ourselves in their line of sight and did a kind of “if you like X you’ll like us!”, But as we grew we wound up with fans who hadn’t been watching the Pemberley shows, and that was amazing. They were new to the world and excited to be there, excited for our original plotlines as much as for the book stuff.”

Kate Hackett from Classic AliceHackett believes the series grew with the fans, becoming something different as the seasons went on. Something more mature and less straightforward. “If they started in early college or late high school, we were with them through graduation or even further – which means they were more grown up and facing more complex adult relationships themselves,” explains Hackett. “I hope the show reflected that!”

 Speaking of web series’ and Youtube as a video platform, Hacket comments that, sadly, bulk matters: “On YouTube, you’re rewarded less for content and more for just sheer volume of episodes — there’s nothing to be done about it, but it does kind of put a damper on making anything really meaningful on that platform. It’s not sustainable.”
The need for more content also means more work, as well as having to work faster. Hackett comments she wishes they had taken more time, even though they probably did not have the luxury to do so. Fortunately, that’s no longer a problem for her writing: “I’m not really focused on YouTube as a platform very much anymore, I feel a little more freedom to slow down, to write longer. To have a B plot (!) instead of just focusing on one major storyline. But that’s the nature of web series and of Youtube, and I try not to reflect with regret — those were the chips we had, so we played ’em.”
All the episodes of Classic Alice will be available on Amazon Prime as of May 19th.

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