Cho Hye Jung’s stellar role was recently seen in the drama “Pots of Gold” (2013). She is well known for her role in ‘Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo’, produced by MBC. In 2018, she played as Kkot Boon in Soldier’s Mementos (2016) and also starred as a high school student in ‘The End’ (2017).

After these roles, there was a silent spell in her career for a few years. On search engines, she seemed to have disappeared. A number of celebrity profile websites listed her account as ‘inactive’.

Two major reasons are said to have caused her withdrawal from the entertainment scene.

Following an allegation about a past sexual assault, her celebrity father came under fire in February 2018.

Also, her role in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo appears to have taken a toll on her health as she confronted some body weight issues.

Cho with the crew Weightlifting Fairy

Here you will see the profile of the South Korean actress, her boyfriend and Instagram pictures. You will also discover the sex scandal allegations against her father and how they impacted her career.

A cute profile picture of Cho Hye Jung

Profile of Cho Hye Jung

Born on December 22, 1992

Graduated from American Academy of Dramatic Arts

Father: Cho Jae-hyun, a famous actor in South Korean entertainment industry

Brother: Cho Soo-hoon, a famous athlete in skating

Cho at the recording studio

Debut and career history

Cho Hye Jung made her debut in 2014 on the cable station OCN’s “God’s Quiz” (2010). She has since appeared in “Imaginary Cat” (2015), “Gold Medal for Love” (2013) and “Go Back Couple” (2017).
Cho with her Go Back Couple Pals
First Anniversary of Gold Medal for Love celebration underway

She is the daughter of the famous Korean actor Cho Jae-hyun and is a graduate of the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) founded in 1884 and having a rich tradition for over 130 years.

Cho Hye Jung grew up admiring her father Cho Jae-hyun’s achievements as an actor. Looking up to her father as her role model, she nurtured her dream of becoming an actor.

When Cho was at the second year of her junior high school, she decided to study abroad in the U.S. The main reason behind this decision was to just stay away from her parents, a characteristic of her rebellious age.

However, when her father took her to the airport on the day of her departure, she broke out into tears. Her father was surprised to see this as he had never seen her cry earlier. Cho remembers this incident to this day.

Cho Hye Jung first became known to the viewers when she appeared with her father, Cho Jae Hyun, on the 2015 variety show “Take Care of My Dad.”

The show started with the aim of improving the father-son relationship, which was strained as he could spend little time with his children due to his celebrity status. The show made Cho Hye Jung instantly popular, thanks to her cute looks, tone and gestures which appeared so natural, not usually noticed in a budding young actress.

In 2015, “Imaginary Cat” received a lot of appreciation for her acting skills.

The peak of her performance was seen in “Gold Medal of Love” and “Go Back Couple“. After these performances, she was never to be seen in the industry for a few years.

Around this time, a major sex scandal dragged down her father’s reputation and also Cho Hye Jung’s acting career and seemingly she required a break before reappearing in some commendable roles.

How her father’s sex scandal impacted Cho Hye Jung’s career

Cho Hye-Jung’s father Cho Jae-hyun is a famed actor in South Korea who enjoys a successful career as a film, stage and TV actor. He is often referred to as Kim Ki-duk’s persona in South Korea’s entertainment industry because he has frequently co-starred in leading and supporting roles in several films directed by Kim Ki-duk.

Born on June 30, 1965, Cho Jae-hyun became a top-rated artist in dramas, TV shows and movies. His son Cho Soo-hoon is an athlete specializing in short track speed skating.

His daughter Cho Hye Jung attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City and later became an accomplished actress.

Cho Jae-hyun’s starring performance is seen in films The Fatal Encounter, A Korean in Paris, and Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River.

He is also well known for his roles in Jeong Do-Jeon (2014), Punch (2014) and Address Unknown (2001).

He is the recipient of several awards for acting given by Baeksang Arts Awards, SBS Drama Awards, KBS Drama Awards, MBC Drama Awards and Korea Drama Awards.

The MeToo movement that originated in the US spread in South Korea too. In 2018, several scandals in the entertainment industry surfaced. Unfortunately, Cho Jae Hyun, the father of Cho Hye Jung came under attack under this trending mass movement.

Cho Jae-hyun’s MeToo started on February 23, 2018, when actress Chae Yul left a revealing comment on Cho Jae-hyun.

On February 23, 2018, actress Choi Yul accused Cho Jae-hyun of sexually assaulting her in the past. On February 24, Cho Jae-hyun acknowledged the allegations to be true and apologized for the same.

Due to the sexual harassment scandal, Cho Jae-hyun was dismissed from the crew of the drama ‘Cross’ during production. In a statement that TvN released about the decision, the company said, “We will try to get rid of the character from the drama as soon as possible.”

In one of her statements, the actress added that there had been several victims of sexual violence like her from Cho Jae-hyun and none of them could come out bravely as Cho Jae-hyun was considered rich and powerful.

In responding to the allegation by way of apologizing, Cho Jae-hyun said, “When I reflect on myself, I feel I was a monster because I tried to avoid stupid thoughts and my disgusting actions in the past. I confess. I have lived a sinful life. During 30 years of acting, I made many mistakes with words and sinful actions against my colleagues, staff, and juniors. I am a sinner. I bow my head in regret to the victims who have been very hurt. I will let go of everything now. I will not think of myself. I will not avoid it. I will let go of everything. From now on, I will look back on life with a heart full of regret for the victims. I am very embarrassed and sorry.”

There were a number of MeToo accusations surfacing here are there by this time. Probably, Cho Jae-hyun wanted to refrain from countering the allegations and acted early to quell the issue.

In July 2018, a woman identified as ‘Miss A’ accused Cho Jae-hyun for sexual assault and filed a law suit claiming a compensation for damage. In January 2021, the Seoul Central District Court ruled against her and dismissed the case as baseless.

Even after the official comment was issued, the accusations against Cho Jae-hyun continuously bombarded the media. He enjoyed a significant presence in the Korean entertainment industry, which evoked a bigger shock.

After a series of revelations of sexual harassment against program staff and new actresses, Cho Jae-hyun is currently in the midst of a lawsuit against a minor who was 17 years old at the time of the 2004 accusations.

Since her father’s scandal surfaced, his daughter, Cho Hye Jung, has not updated any of her social networking sites.

Cho Hye Jung’s Diet

In the 2015 drama “Imaginary Cat,” Cho Hye Jung was criticized for her acting skills and also for her inability to maintain her body shape as she had gained more weight.

When she was cast in “Gold Medal of Love” in 2017, she gained weight on purpose to match with the role. After the drama ended, Cho became the talk of the town since she lost a lot of weight within two months.

Cho Hye Jung posts her slimmer picture after a long gap and fans request her to come back to acting

On “My Private TV,” a variety show in which celebrities and YouTube stars reveal their plans about the upcoming releases, Cho was spotted in her vest, exercising with an EMS function (weak electric current) attached.

She has proved the fact that self-motivation can help lose weight quickly while staying beautiful.

Who is Cho Hye Jung’s Boyfriend?

We do not come across any reports or evidence of Cho Hye Jung having a boyfriend.

In an interview about her ideal man, she said, “Until middle school, I said I would marry my brother. And my next admiration was for my grandfather. I could not move with my father much as he was very busy with his career. My grandpa is my ideal man. Grandpa too worked as hard as my father, but he was also kind to my grandma and took good care of her very well.”

Images from Cho Hye Jung’s Instagram

Cho enjoying her holidays
Cho at Busan during her holidays
Cho elebrating New Year 2018 with her pals
Cho Hye Jung in Jeju Island with Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Sung Kyung, and Ji Il Joo
Cho says she is sleepy
Cho says These days, I have a very strong desire to make the people I love happy
Cho seen as part of Team Swag
Cho sourcing Christmas gifts at a store after Go Back Couple shooting
Cho waiting with Christmas gifts for someone
Cho with director Ha Byeong-hoon
Cho with Kiyong both of them born in the same year 1992
Cho with the film crew after she resumed acting
Fairy clad in white says she has grown a bit taller


It is very unfortunate and disappointing that her father’s scandal had kept her inactive in her career for a while. Though she was not at fault, she too shared the fate of many second-generation celebrities who are unable to escape the shadows of their parents.

Though her father’s scandal had haunted her for a while, she has already recovered both mentally and professionally. We can expect to see her in some of her very interesting roles in the days to come.

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