Charlie Is Being Reapr’d In Crowded #1 [Light-Spoilers]

Crowded #1

So, the future doesn’t seem to bad for most, right? I mean, we might have flying cars, a cure for any illness ever, and the ability to hire a bodyguard straight from an app. This happens in Crowded #1. Well, the latter happens, not so much the first half, yet. Crowded #1 by Image Comics (who is putting out heat of #1’s) is also by Christopher Sebela who writes this series, Ro Stein and Ted Brandt who are artists, and cover artists, and lastly, Triona Farrell on the colors for the issue.

Sebela’s Concept For Crowded #1

The first issue of this series is ten minutes into the future. The world is running on an economy of job shares and apps; one, in particular, called Reapr. Reapr is a crowdfunding platform to fund assassinations, fun, right? Not so much for Charlie. Charlie Ellison leads a quiet, regular life (as she says). That is until she is targeted by a million-dollar Reapr Campaign.

Crowded #1
Image Comics, Crowded #1 (2018)

Everywhere she turns, everywhere she looks, someone is trying to kill her. Hunted by all of L.A. Charlie decides to hire a low-rate bodyguard on the Dfend app. Get it? Dfend. Pretty snazzy, we have to admit. As the campaign picks up speed, they will both have to figure out who wants Charlie dead before the end of the month in 30 days. Or… their lives are over, well at least Charlie’s anyway.

What To Make Of The Concept

The idea of futuristic comics is entertaining because most of them are scarily accurate. We did another one where social media backfired, and it wasn’t pretty. So, Crowded #1 was definitely going to be a great first issue by default. A lot of plot is developed in this first issue. We get a glimpse into Charlie, who she is… and all the things that she does. And, we get a small glimpse into Vita’s life. 

The writing by Sebela is effortless and smooth throughout this first issue. As I stated before, this issue is 100% plot. It is telling you — in vague ways — what is going to be forthcoming. Especially [spoiler] at the end when Charlie calls her friend and threatens her. We know something will happen possibly with the friends and maybe a little romance with Vita?

Crowded #1
Image Comics, Crowded #1 (2018)

Nonetheless, Sebela‘s writing is impeccable here. Between Charlie and Vita we get a sense of personality between the two; with their dialogue and with their actions. Crowded #1 makes you yearn intensely for a second issue.

The Artwork Is Distinctive ✓

Bouncing from the writing to the artwork is effortless just the same. The art here by SteinBrandt, and Farrell is interesting in such a great way. Interesting can have a bad connotation these days, but in this case, it’s very engaging. And, I call it interesting because it’s very unique. When I see the artwork and colors throughout this comic, I don’t see anything else. It reminds me of Crowded #1. It doesn’t remind me of anything else.

Which is fantastic and usually what you want in a first issue. The plot is unique, and the artwork follows suit. Charlie and Vita both are distinctive, you remember their names and remember who they are. They don’t have similar features or the “same face syndrome” as it is called. Charlie is this adorable human and Vita is just as well but in a closed-off kind of way.

Crowded #1
Image Comics, Crowded #1 (2018)

They are two entirely different characters that have come together. However, I am sure we will find out soon enough how similar they actually are. Without spoiling too much of the issue itself, I will say there’s a cute puppy involved. Which is not a spoiler at all, we promise!

Should You Check It Out?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes because it’s a great first issue with quality writing and art. Crowded #1 is an absolute score of a first issue that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

No. 1 With A Bullet #1-6 — A Beginning To An End When Social Media Backfires

We remain wanting more from this wonderful series. If you have the time to check it out this week or any week, please do. No matter when you check it out, it will still blow you away.

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