Cha-In-ha (Cha In-na), the South Korea based actor became famous for his appearances in The Banker (2019), Clean with Passion for Now (2017), Temperature of Love (2017), Wok of Love (2018) and Love with Flaws (2019). He was also one of the most popular members of Surprise U, the famed actor group.

Chainha’s profile picture sourced from his Instagram

He starred as Joo Won-seok in the 2019 TV series “Love with Flaws” and his role in this drama received a wide acclaim. He passed away on December 3, 2019. Here is a summary of his profile, dramas he appeared in, and Instagram.

Cha In-ha posing with Official DKB

Table of Contents

1. Cha In-ha Profile

2. Cha In-Ha’s Early Days into K-pop and Acting

3. What Happened To Cha in-Ha? 

4. Cha In-Ha Passes Away At 27

5. Dramas Timeline As An Actor

6. Cha In-ha’s Instagram

Cha In-ha Profile

Name at Birth: Lee Jae-ho 이재호

Popular Name: Cha In-ha (This is a Korean name and ‘Cha’ is his family name) 

Birth Date: July 15, 1992

Died On: December 3, 1992 (aged 27 years)

Years active in the industry: 2017 – 2019

Agent: Fantagio 

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Made his film debut in 2017

Instagram Account Personal: (3.2 million followers)

Instagram Account Personal: (94.7 k followers)

Instagram Account Official: (84.4 k followers)  @jeon.changha_official

YouTube Channel:

Twitter Account:

Cha In-ha behind the scenes at First Love Again

Cha In-ha was born in Sinchon on July 15, 1992. 

Cha In-ha has had a longing to become an actor since he was a child, and he had his sights set on studying theater and film at university, but that didn’t work out, so he went on to study English literature.

However, the further he got away from acting, the stronger his dream of becoming an actor became, and he eventually tried again, enrolling in the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at Chuo University.

Cha In-Ha’s Early Days into K-pop and Acting

While still in college, there was an audition for actors at the entertainment agency Fantagio, and he passed on his first try and joined the company.

In 2017, at the age of 22, he debuted as an actor group “Surprise U“.

Cha In-ha appearance at the Idol Fan Fest in Thailand

Cha In-ha’s group “Surprise U” was formed in July 2017 as the second actor group of the same agency with some senior members.

Since their debut, it seemed that their careers were going well with supporting roles in popular dramas.

SurpriseU Group Members – All the Five

What Happened To Cha in-Ha? 

While playing in the drama “Love with Flaws,” which just started a month before his death, Cha-in-ha was found dead at his home on December 3, 2019, by his manager, making this film his last work.

According to the testimony of a police official, Cha in-ha was under treatment for depression.

Also, according to the bereaved family, he had had similar incidents in the past.

The forensic examination of the scene revealed that there was no possibility of a homicide, and based on the above and other factors, the police concluded that this was an unfortunate case of suicide.  

Sources said that Cha did not leave back any final message or Will. And his family requested not to conduct any autopsy.

The Fantagio office announced that the funeral would be held quietly and privately for the sake of the bereaved family and their painful feelings.

Cha In-Ha Passes Away At 27

The Korean entertainment industry just lost Seolli in October 2019 and Kuhara in November 2019. The continuing news of their deaths has spread shock.

In South Korea, the direct expression “suicide” is considered a no-no by press regulations, and reports will use the phrases “she made an extreme choice” or “she died while undergoing treatment for depression.”

Specific methods are also not allowed to be reported, and it is assumed that no further details will be given.

Some of the world’s most popular publications like The New York Times, The Guardian, and Deadline Hollywood have published articles comparing Cha’s death with the deaths of Sulli and Goo Hara, two other celebrities of the Korean entertainment industry. 

Notably, the latter two died within two months of Cha’s death. Korea Times stated that there have been widespread concerns on copycat suicides.

Dramas Timeline As An Actor

YearDramaRole played
2017 Temperature of LoveKim Ha-sung as a cook
2018 Greasy RomanceAs Bong Chi-su (subordinate to lead actor Jang Hyuk)
2018 Are You Human?Played by Hwang Ji-young (employee of lead actor Seo Gang-jun’s company)
2018 Clean With Passion For Now(played by Hong Jae-min)(Company employee of cleaning company of lead actor Yoon Kyun Sang)
2019 The BankerPlayed by Moon Hong-joo (starring as an employee at the bank’s audit office)
2019 Miss Independent Girl Ji Eun 2Web drama [starring]
2019Love with FlawsStarring Ahn Jae-hyun Oh Young-seoPlayed by Joo Won-seok (Leading Actor Oh Young-seo’s Brother)November 27, 2019

Cha In-ha’s Instagram

Cha In-ha had been very active on his Instagram account till the time of his death. His Instagram pages both personal and official contain a lot of his interesting pictures and messages to his friends and fans. 

This is the last image of Cha In-ha posted the day before he passed away
Cha In-ha accidentally meeting his close friend while visiting skin clinic
Cha In-ha with Elina
Cha In-ha at the Inchon Airport South Korea flying to Thailand
Cha In-ha WAVE GUN X FBI Online Fashion Show
Cha In-ha at the Idol Fan Fest in Thailand
Cha In-ha with Joanday
Cha In-ha with Jessica
Cha In-ha with Mimi the dreamer
Cha In-ha at Osaka
Cha In-ha with his close friend
Alkat studio concept Photo Blue Dream

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