Celebrate International Fanworks Day on February 15th!

International Fanworks Day

Prepare your pens, paper, tablets, computers, whatever! Once again, the Organization for Transformative Works is holding the International Fanworks Day on February 15th. The goal of this event is to celebrate fanworks around the world.

Below are some of the events that the OTW is hosting this year:
  • FEEDBACK FEST. You can participate by leaving a comment to their Feedback Fest post between February 10-15th with your fanwork recommendations. You may even win a gift by doing so!
  • A FANWORK CHALLENGE. It doesn’t matter what it is. Create a short fanwork featuring your favourite characters/pairing fannishing over something else. Post your work on February 15th using the tag #IFDShare on any social media. Only requirement: it has to be SFW if you want to get a signal boost from them. A great opportunity for crossovers!
  • WHAT FANWORKS MEAN TO ME. Starting now and until Feb 15th, you can write essays contributions on what fanworks mean to you using the #IFDShare tag.
  • FAN ACTIVISMOTW’s Legal Commitee is currently collecting fan stories on how takedowns affect fandom. You have until February 18th to do so.
  • FAN CHAT: OTW will be hosting a chat in their Public Discussion chatroom on February 15th. In the chat, you’ll be able to share fanwork, play games and you might even win a prize! You can join them between 16:00 UTC 14th February and 06:00 UTCth 16 February

(More information on OTW’s events HERE).

Other ways to celebrate:
  • Leave feedback on fanworks you like. It doesn’t matter whether it’s writing a comment on a fanfiction site or reblogging fan art and leaving nice tags on Tumblr. Artists, writers, vidders… they all deserve support and appreciation for their work. When it comes to fanworks, the currency is usually feedback. But, if you can, you can even help them by sending commissions (if they accept them) or supporting them through Patreon or other platforms they might have.
  • Create your own fanwork! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never created anything or if you think you’re not “good enough” (that’s just not true!). Fanworks are all about mixing your passion and creativity to create something unique, something only you can create. Don’t worry, you don’t even have to post it online if you don’t want to. Just take some time off your day to have some fun creating something about your fandom. HERE are some ideas of all the things you can do!
  • Spread awareness. Unfortunately, fanworks are still often stigmatized in society. You can take advantage of this day to tell those around you about what fanfiction really is (and how 50 Shades of Grey doesn’t represent all fanfiction) or even show them all those vids you posted on Youtube.

As a special celebration, that week we will be moving our Fanfic Friday series to Monday, and we will also be posting several AMVs and fanwork recs. If you would like your fanwork to appear on The Daily Fandom, send us a message before February 13th. You can also tweet us your fanworks and we will RT them!

How are you planning to celebrate International Fanworks Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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