Underneath The Catsuit — A Review of Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score

A few days ago the special wedding issue of Batman and Catwoman hit stores. When thinking about this couple I thought it would be a good chance to get to know the woman Bruce Wayne is considering to be his wife. As many are skeptical of the couple, many cannot understand how Bruce Wayne could fall for the villainous Selina Kyle. Many see this woman as just a beautiful thief that runs around Gotham in leather. In the graphic novel Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score by Darwyn Cooke it shows that she is more than just a criminal, but actually a good person under the catsuit.

Selina Is Back

Catwoman: Selina's Big Score
Credit: Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score, DC Comics Publishers

The story starts off with Selina Kyle coming back to Gotham City to find one last heist. She is looking for a chance to start a new life far away from Gotham. After finding the perfect crime, she creates a team of misfits to come together to rob one of the biggest crime bosses in Gotham City. It becomes an interesting journey to see if all these complex characters can trust one another and work together to steal twenty-four million in cash.

Cooking Up Great Art

Credit: Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score, DC Comics Publishers

The art in this book is phenomenal, it creates a very cinematic look by mixes a retro look with a modern day setting very well. Darwyn Cooke is a master at using hard black outlines and solid blocks of color in his work. In the novel, Cooke creates a color theme for every scene.

With that everything in these scenes is dipped with a different shade of the color theme. Just looking at the art Cooke shows how far a color can be stretched.  With the range of colors in this book, every color complements each other becoming very pleasing to the eye. 

Selina more than Catwoman

Catwoman: Selina's Big Score
Credit: Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score, DC Comics Publishers

In a story that focuses on planning a grand heist, the discovery of who Selina Kyle is begins to unfold. You find out that she is smart, funny, resourceful, tough, sensitive, and virtuous. The story shines a light on Selina and the idea of second chances. 

In the beginning, Selina only thinks about herself and no one else. Since this is the personality she shows many people no one can trust her. Throughout the story though, we begin to see her as more than just a thief but as someone who has others on her mind. She slowly starts to show this to others, which completely changes everyone’s perspective on who she really is.

This open version of Selina does not last long though, because after the events at the end of the story she is back to the self-centered personality that everyone knows. Sadly, getting close to people does not work out for Selina. She creates a Femme Fatale persona to let no one get close to her. With this story, Selina Kyle becomes very complex and misunderstood. That even without the suit she still has a double life that she cannot get away from.

Year One Mention

Credit: Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score, DC Comics Publishers

This book contains an awesome reference to another incredible story. Selina begins to remember an event from long ago and in this memory is in a familiar outfit. It was the first costume she wore as Catwoman shown in the Batman: Year One graphic novel.

Throughout the story, there are even more glimpses of her early days. I thought that was a great callback to another great story in the Batman universe.

Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score — A Big Score

Catwoman: Selina's Big Score
Credit: Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score, DC Comics Publishers

Before this book, I always saw Catwoman as just another villain in Batman’s gigantic rogue’s gallery. Someone that is just there for eye candy and mess with Batman from time to time. After reading this though, I can see why she is a fan favorite character to some and a love interest to Batman. This is a great look on a character that is misunderstood.

It shows that there is more to this character than just a burglar. Behind her tough exterior, there is a heart. Making her a character that is real and relatable to everyone. If you are looking for a great comic book story or want to learn more about who Catwoman, start with this book.

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