Catwoman #1
Catwoman #1 by Joëlle Jones, DC Comics 2018.

100 Copycat Catwoman’s Walk Into A Bar In Catwoman #1

Catwoman walks into a bar, right? Suddenly, she sees about 100 versions of herself… well, in Catwoman #1 Selina Kyle runs into that issue. It may not be in a bar, but it’s in a room nonetheless. The aftermath of Batman #50 released today, if you haven’t read that, don’t read this unless you want spoilers.

Catwoman #1
Catwoman #1 by Joëlle Jones, DC Comics 2018.

There are not many in Catwoman #1 but there is a huge big one that could ruin the Wedding Special (if you are still interested in it). There are going to be minimal spoilers here, not so much as us outright saying what happened, but there are subtle hints.

If you don’t want spoilers, stay away… for now.

A New Beginning For Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman

By the ever so graceful, Joëlle Jones taking the entire mantel. From the writing to the art, we get a new version of Catwoman. You could barely grip your heart long enough to withstand the Wedding Issue before we see Catwoman back on the streets. After about a week of no sleep, Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman finds a copycat.

A copycat that is pulling heists around Gotham City. As Selina cracks the whip on her former criminal cohorts, she’s attracting some attention from one of Gotham’s most dangerous groups. Not a mob, but the GCPD… even better, right? As if the Bat-Bride didn’t have enough problems on her plate from Batman #50, she has even more now.

Jones In Catwoman #1 Is Extraordinary

Joëlle Jones does an incredible job. From the art to the writing, we get a new side of Selina Kyle. Not just the vigilante turned anti-hero Selina Kyle and Catwoman, but someone who is also very ‘in a slump’ after the events in Batman #50. We see a different side of Catwoman, maybe one that we needed all along. Nonetheless, Joëlle Jones wraps up Selina Kyle incredibly.

Catwoman #1
Catwoman #1 by Joëlle Jones, DC Comics 2018.

The writing in Catwoman #1 is elegant and decorative. Selina Kyle and Catwoman respectively are written in a way that you see elegance. Even in her hardest of times, she is elegant and that is what is treasured about Catwoman. The character is elegant. 

So, throughout this issue, the reader is getting a lot of great panels, great art, and above all else, great kittens. Aside from the writing, which is outstanding, the art follows suit. Jones truly creates a powerful first issue despite the aftermath of a huge comic book arc ending (for now).

Can We Praise Everything?

The art, the art. I have no words for the cultural aspect of this comic. It is that great. However, we expected it to be as such. The art adds elements to the comic that make things stand out, it creates an inside voice for Catwoman that we get.

Catwoman #1
Catwoman #1 by Joëlle Jones, DC Comics 2018.

We are in her head, feelings, and emotions after what has happened. We know how she is feeling, and we can’t wait to see the next issue with Batman. And, we will truly see how hard it is hitting each party. Catwoman #1 is an elegant hit. If you adore the character of Catwoman as much as we do, Jones does our favorite kitten more than justice in this new run.

Do We Need To Say How Great It Is, Again?

We were already excited about Jones run with Catwoman, and this first issue shows us that we can’t wait every month for more. If you love Catwoman and Selina Kyle, check out Catwoman #1. And, along the way, thank Joëlle Jones for making a remarkable first issue to Catwoman’s new beginning. Here’s to reading our favorite kitten again monthly with Joëlle Jones!

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