Summer Anime Season 2017
The first series from the 2017 Summer Anime Season will start coming out in less than a month. We take a look at some of the most anticipated summer series, including originals, adaptations, and sequels. ORIGINALS Princess Principal Set in the 19th century, the setting of Princess Principal certainly gives... Read More
Collaborator Taimoor Hussain lists 10 of the most controversial anime in history and in recent times. Hetalia Axis Powers Hetalia Axis Powers anime takes different countries and personifies them into wacky characters. These characters interact and take on important political decisions during the time of World War I and II.... Read More
anime for christmas
Just in case you haven’t been outside your house lately and weren’t exposed to all the awesome ornaments and jingles, let me remind you: Christmas is here. The weather is finally cold enough to have an excuse to stay inside and watch your favorite anime. To get you into the... Read More
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