In Shameless season 10, Carl Gallagher’s girlfriend is named Anne Gonzalez. She is portrayed by actress Chelsea Alden. 

Anne is a college student who is studying to become a nurse, and she and Carl meet when he is working at a homeless shelter as part of his community service sentence. 

Despite their different backgrounds and personalities, they develop a strong connection and begin a relationship.

Who Is Carl’s Girlfriend In Shameless Season 10

In Shameless Season 10, Carl Gallagher’s girlfriend is named Anne. She is a fellow police cadet and becomes Carl’s love interest after they meet at the academy. 

Their relationship faces some challenges throughout the season due to Anne’s conservative family and Carl’s family’s chaotic lifestyle, but they continue to support each other.

Who is Carl’s new girlfriend on Shameless?

Kassidi is Carl’s latest girlfriend, a seemingly wild and uninhibited young woman. She is lively, outgoing, and able to make the buttoned-up youth feel felt. 

Kassidi is bold and fearless, a mercurial spirit with a quick wit and an infectious laugh. Her background is unknown but her spirit is as vibrant as her hot-pink hair. 

Carl's Girlfriend In Shameless Season 10

She often finds Carl cramping her style with his overly protective attitude, which she finds amusing. Kassidi‘s reckless behavior has often put her at odds with the other Gallaghers. 

She teases and manipulates her new beau, Carl, in her attempts to test his boundaries, often goading him into risky scenarios. As a free spirit who has little patience for rules, she finds herself at odds with the Gallagher siblings. 

Do Carl and Kelly break up in season 10?

Their journey is not without bumps as they grapple with the reality that Kelly must leave Carl in order to pursue her passion of becoming a veterinarian’s assistant. 

While they do break up afterward, they do remain close, and – as always – their relationship wavers between passionate love and agonizing arguments. 

However, despite their ongoing troubles, there are moments in which the couple enjoys a peaceful interlude; when Carl is battling his demons, Kelly is always at his side to provide support and comfort. 

carls girlfriend season 9

These beautiful moments touch viewers’ hearts and make them fall for their love all over again. 

Who is Carl’s crush in Shameless?

Carl Gallagher finds himself falling for a woman named Dominique Winslow, a character introduced in Season 6. 

Dominique is a confident and outspoken young woman who instantly catches Carl’s attention. On top of that, she sports a witty and sly personality, which resonates with Carl’s wild and often peculiar sense of humor. 

The two get along immediately, but their relationship quickly intensifies as both of them start to consider the possibility of dating each other. 

shameless carls girlfriend kelly

Of course, the main obstacle to their burgeoning romance is the fact that Dominique is already in a relationship with someone else. 

Despite this, Carl and Dominique become close friends and find themselves constantly texting, talking, and hanging out with each other more and more as the season progresses.

In the end, Carl and Dominique’s relationship takes off and by the season finale, they become an official couple. 

This is a huge milestone for Carl as he has never been the type to openly express his affection for someone, at least not in a romantic way. 

But now that Carl is with Dominique, he is more confident and willing to take risks when it comes to love, something that benefits both of them in the long run.

Who are all of Carl’s girlfriends in Shameless?

Carl’s girlfriends throughout the long-running series, the following is a brief overview of who we’ve seen him with.

  • Bonnie (Season 3): Carl starts dating Bonnie, a girl he meets at a shooting range.
  • Dominique Winslow (Season 6): Carl’s girlfriend,  She is a college student and works at a coffee shop
  • Kassidi Gallagher (Season 8-9): Carl falls in love with Kassidi, who he meets at a military school.
  • Kelly Keefe (Season 10): Carl begins dating Kelly, a girl he meets at a college party.
  • Anne-Marie (Season 11): Carl starts a casual relationship with Anne-Marie, a nurse he meets while working as an EMT.
  • Tish (Season 11): Carl also briefly dates Tish, a girl he meets while working at a burger joint.

What is Shameless mostly about?

Shameless is a television show that originally aired in the United States on Showtime from 2011 to 2021. 

The show is a comedy-drama that revolves around the Gallagher family, who live in an impoverished neighborhood of Chicago. 

The show primarily focuses on the life of the family patriarch, Frank Gallagher, a single father of six children who struggles with alcoholism and drug addiction.

The show explores the challenges and struggles faced by each member of the Gallagher family as they try to navigate their way through life in a chaotic and unpredictable environment. 

shameless anne and carl

The themes of poverty, addiction, and dysfunctional family relationships are explored throughout the series, and the show often deals with controversial topics such as sex work, drug abuse, and mental illness. 

Despite the serious subject matter, the show also has a humorous and light-hearted tone, and the characters are known for their resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

Who is the best character in Shameless?

When it comes to the characters in Shameless, there is no shortage of eccentric and fascinating personalities within the Gallagher family. 

From Frank and Fiona to Lip and Debbie, we get to watch them evolve over time and experience the challenges of their lives. 

But if you ask fans of the show who the best character is, you’re sure to hear groans of enthusiasm for the one and only Carl Gallagher.

From his rebellious attitude to the lengths he goes to protect those he loves, Carl has brought a unique and raw energy to the show that makes viewers like us fall in love with him. 

Throughout the series, he has demonstrated his capacity to be protective, loyal, and understanding when it comes to his family, friends, and even his love interest, Kassidi.

Carl’s growth from an impulsive teen to a responsible adult has had its hiccups, making his character even more inspiring. 

He has had to learn to make difficult decisions and try to keep his temper in check; his need to express himself through art and way of life makes him more relatable than ever as a person who is trying to make the best decisions for himself and those around him.

carls girlfriend shameless season 6

Many say that Carl is the beacon of hope within the Gallagher family and his impact on the show is undeniable. 

He’s managed to evolve with each season in a way that none of the other characters have made it through and the audience has gotten to take that journey with him.

And that’s why Carl Gallagher is the indisputable best character in Shameless!


At the end of Season 10 of Shameless, Carl’s long-time girlfriend, Cassandra is not officially introduced into the narrative. 

This leaves a lot of unanswered questions about who is Carl’s current love interest. Fans looking for answers continue to search for clues about the identity of Carl’s current girlfriend, but it seems there are no definitive answers at the moment. 

Despite this lack of answers, it is likely that we will eventually find out who Carl’s girlfriend is in future seasons of the show. 

The writers of Shameless have been successful in creating intriguing plot lines and characters that keep viewers captivated and invested in the show. 

It is safe to assume that eventually, we will find out who Carl is dating, however, that remains a mystery until then.

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