After building a time machine and traveling to the future, Jughead’s life couldn’t get any crazier right? Well, in Jughead’s Time Police #3, Jug’s life is turned upside down. We last left Jughead in the future with his new pal Marshal January McAndrews. She then shows him a glimpse of what the future has in store for him and Riverdale. After an eventful day, January leaves Jughead alone to meet someone. She begins talking to a shadowy figure who is revealed to be another Jughead for a different timeline. That’s right, readers, we have entered the Archie Comics Multiverse.

Get ready for action, fun, and hilarity; let’s review Jughead’s Time Police #3.

A Jughead #3 Recap: A Chase Through Time

This issue begins directly where Jughead’s Time Police #2 left off. January McAndrews is embracing a classic version of Jughead from another timeline. They begin to discuss their life together and how they met until Jughead appears before them. In a state of shock, Jughead decides to run and hide at the Riverdale City Museum. Classic Jughead and January follow him and begin to look for him all over the Museum. Jughead panics and finds an odd display. The display contains twelve of his caps that are labeled Time Caps. He puts one on and begins to travel through time.

Jughead traveling through time in Jughead's Time Police #3.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #3 — Archie Comics, 2019.

Suddenly, January sends out an alert to the time police to find Jughead. After a few stops, Jughead finally lands in Hamburg 1847. Just as Jug is about to get comfortable in this new time, he is captured by the Time Police. Right as he is going to be taken away, though, a bulky character appears and saves him. The issue ends with a shocking character identity reveal that will make Jughead’s life even more of a mess than it already is.

Writing With Perfect Timing In Jughead’s Time Police #3

This twenty-page issue of Jughead’s Time Police #3 packs a whirlwind of excitement. It’s a page-turner from beginning to end. From a chase that spans time and character reveals, the issue shows that this series is getting ready for something big. The writing and art are phenomenal, as always, and it feels like this team-up tends to up their game on every issue. Sina Grace has a certain flair and it manifests in this issue.

Shocking ending of the issue.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #3 — Archie Comics, 2019.

This issue is filled with action, suspense, and comedy. It is hard to write a story that fuses all of these elements and produces them organically. Even with a story like Jughead’s Time Police that can get confusing with different versions of a character, Sina Grace shows time and time again that he can write an epic story. This story feels like a breath of fresh air because it doesn’t just focus on one theme. It mixes and matches an element that makes the reader want to see what happens next and readers have Sina Grace to thank for that, so thank you, Sina.

Comedy Gold In Jughead’s Time Police #3

Speaking of comedy, the comedic timing of this issue works remarkably well. The book contains a ton of action and suspense; the tone of the book completely changes for just a moment. As Jughead travels through time, it’s comedy gold that he ends up in a place called Hamburg. When he arrives, of course, he finds a way to get his hands on a hamburger. Then, this moment gets even better when Jughead reaches pure ecstasy with the hamburger.

A hilarious moment of Jughead eating a hamburger in Jughead's Time Police #3.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #3 — Archie Comics, 2019.

It’s so funny, so arbitrary, and just so Jughead. It’s just so surprising that the tone of the book changes so organically, that this moment doesn’t feel out of place. It is just a great example of writing on this issue that works so well. Fun fact: Hamburgers were created in Hamburg, Germany. It’s a wonderful addition that Jughead would know the history of hamburgers so much that he would travel to that moment in history. 

Questions Through Time

As some burning questions are answered in this issue, there are some different ones that readers will be asking. Now that readers know how January met Classic Jug, the question is why this version? As the multiverse is filled with millions of Jugheads, why did she pick the classic one? The original Jughead is so iconic to so many people that maybe that’s why she chose him. It’s such an interesting choice that hopefully readers can get answers soon.

A quick escape with a Time Cap.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #3 — Archie Comics, 2019.

Speaking of different versions of Jughead, Classic Jughead mentions to January that Jughead is from a rotten timeline. What happens in Jughead’s timeline? Is there a horrible event coming up for Archie Comics? This could likewise be just a joke about how the rebooted designs in the recent Archie Comics look completely different from the original art. There are so many questions and there will probably be more to come. It’s just amazing what Archie comics have done with this series.

Final Thoughts About Jughead’s Time Police #3

The series never ceases to astound me with each issue that comes out. When I think they can top themselves the next issue comes out and blows me away. I feel like when we all get to the last issue of this series our heads will be blown completely off. There are so many directions the series can go and I am on board for the entire ride. With this team, I feel like they can do no wrong. With wonderful art and amazing writing, who could ask for more?

Variant cover for Jughead's Time Police #3.
Credit: Jughead’s Time Police #3 — Archie Comics, 2019.

If you are looking for a comic that’s filled with action and fun, look no further than this series. I would advise everyone interested in this series to jump on board now because I feel it is going to get even more outlandish than it already is. I say this because after this issue introduced a multiverse, this series may get confusing for some. Fear not though, if you need a refresher on what happened in the last two issues, no worries, we got you covered here.

If you love multiverse stories, Archie Comics, and Jughead then pick up Jughead’s Time Police #3 because this is the beginning of an epic series that you won’t want to miss.

Jughead's Time Police #3 Cover.
A Captivating Chase Through Time In Jughead’s Time Police #3
1847 German Hamburgers