Captain Marvel #13, titled “The Last Avenger Part 2: Five to Go” is written by Kelly Thompson and illustrated by Lee Garbett. The cover is by Mark Brooks. In the 13th installment of this series, Carol Danvers continues to pick off the Avengers one by one. In the previous issue, she killed Thor himself. But why is she doing this, and who’s behind it?

Is Carol Evil In Captain Marvel #13?

Carol Danvers struggles with right and wrong while literally trying to murder Tony Stark. She knows what she’s doing is wrong, but clearly there’s a good reason behind it. Where is the line between doing something bad for a good reason and just being bad? We finally get to see the backstory and understand why she’s doing what she’s doing. Captain Marvel #13 introduces us to Vox Supreme, the villain who’s pressuring Danvers into killing her friends. We don’t get to learn much about Vox Supreme in this issue. All we know is that he wants the Avengers dead, which is a pretty common goal for a Marvel villain.

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) punches Tony Stark through a wall in Captain Marvel #13
Captain Marvel #13 – Marvel Comics 2019

Vox Supreme controls Danvers easily. There are many cities on Earth that house Kree refugees looking for places to live. Supreme Vox sets off an explosion in one facility, quickly tugging at Danvers’ heartstrings. This is enough to get her on board. Was that too simple? Yes and no. It’s also uncovered, after Danvers succeeds at killing Tony Stark, that S.H.I.E.L.D. has cloned the Avengers. This was likely a deciding factor for her. If they didn’t have clones, would she still have gone through with it?

So… Shield Keeps Clones Of The Avengers Around?

Yep. We have no idea why, and we’ll likely learn that in time, but this leaves me with so many more questions about Shield. Do they have the clones just in case the Avengers ever were to die? Do they have a clone of Danvers? Who else do they keep cloned in their weird basement? If the clones hadn’t been there, it’s likely that Danvers still would have gone through with killing the Avengers. She seems like a one vs. many kind of person. If killing the Avengers meant saving nine colonies of Kree people, she’d probably still choose the Kree people.

Friendship Versus Humanity

Even though Danvers narrates the issue in a very upset tone, it’s really hard to see her as the good guy here. The hardest thing by far to watch in Captain Marvel #13 is her killing Stark. Even before she goes through with it, she mentions that the two of them have grown close. She plans on using that to take him down.

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) punches Tony Stark and they fall out of a building in Captain Marvel #13
Captain Marvel #13 – Marvel Comics 2019

She then proceeds to kill with complete ease, making it seem like it wasn’t really that hard for her. But then again, Captain Marvel is known for her strong façade. It’s possible that it was incredibly hard for her and she was just pushing those feelings completely out of the way. Either way, it was hard to watch her use Tony’s fondness of her against him.

Art And Plot In Captain Marvel #13

I’m genuinely blown away by the quality of this series. I started reading from issue #12, and it’s amazing. The art is incredibly well done and pleasing to look at. The writing is definitely very good, especially Danvers’ narration. When reading the narration it’s very obvious that’s it’s Captain Marvel talking. Her mannerisms are all there.

This story arc has also been incredibly fascinating. Each issue as left me with more questions that I can’t wait to figure out the answers to. With Shield’s suspicious clones and the new villain, there’s plenty of room for this plot line to grow. I can’t wait to see what happens with it.

Should You Read Captain Marvel #13

Definitely. However, I highly recommend that you start at least from issue #12. If you can get the series from the beginning, do it. #12 is where this story’s arc starts, so to be clued in, you should really start there. However, if you’re on a budget, you could get away with starting on Captain Marvel #13. All you really need to know is that she kills Thor in #12 and you’re golden.

But yes, go out and buy this comic right away. It’s amazing.