Captain America #701; Marvel Entertainment, 2018.

Captain America #701: The Rogers Legacy Continues…

The Steve Rogers legacy continues in Captain America #701. Jackson Rogers and his son are relieving the magic moments of Steve Rogers as Captain America. How he saved the world, in more ways than one, and created a formula that helped save the world… so we thought.

Captain America #701
Captain America #701; Marvel Entertainment, 2018.

Captain American #701 by artists Leonardo Romero from Hawkeye, with Adam Hughes and J.G. Jones. Writer Mark Waid and color artists Matthew Wilson, Hughes, and Paul Mounts, with letterer VC’s Joe Caramagna. The cover is by Michael Cho.

Captain America #701 Welcomes The Future

Steve Rogers has a son and a grandson and can I say that Jackson Rogers looks mighty dapper? The comic is set in 2314, the grandson of Steve Rogers lives in Utopian America, all of which his ancestors dreamed of. Captain America’s legacy becomes realized and something sinister lies beneath the surface. You will want to find out what…

Steve Rogers Legacy Remains Renowned!

The legacy of Steve Rogers is something that is looked back on with grace in the Captain America #701 run. Everyone remembers Steve Rogers for what he did and he is looked upon as someone who saved the world. And, he did (in many ways). Writer Mark Waid does an outstanding job of articulating who Steve was, but, also who Jackson is.

Captain America #701
Captain America #701; Marvel Entertainment, 2018.

Jackson Rogers’ son is sick, and he needs answers to help him. Jackson intends on finding those answers and we remain left on the edge of our seats after this issue is over. Mark Waid does an excellent job leaving us with a cliffhanger. What happens next? Will he have to leave his son to run away? Where can we go next?

Perfection At Its Finest

Mark Waid is a star with the writing, but the art compliments it so well by Leonardo Romero. Looking back Steve Rogers and into the future of 2314, the differences and similarities are notable. You see in Jackson that he does look sort of like Steve with his facial features. Even in personality aspects, Waid writes him as someone who inquisitive and wanting to know the answers.

Just like Steve, don’t you think? By any means, he will do anything for his family. That is what Jackson sets out to do, along the way, he runs into some problems. The flashbacks in this issue add a perfect dynamic to the story. Not only is this a comic celebrating Steve for what he has done, but it’s celebrating what he is currently doing (even though he is no longer alive).

Captain America #701
Captain America #701; Marvel Entertainment, 2018.

Seeing different versions of Steve from different eras of history is so… charming. We have seen Captain America and Steve Rogers throughout the history of comics. However, I think in this light it’s so fascinating to see Steve and Captain drawn in different parallels. And, Bucky Barnes, too!

What Happens Now?

We get such a solid issue with Captain America #701. The issue begins with thrill and ends with fireworks. You are continually engrossed in the story that transpires, whether you just started with Captain America #701, or you have been reading the previous issues.

Captain America #701
Captain America #701; Marvel Entertainment, 2018.

You won’t be lost diving head first into this issue. The backstory is arranged perfectly and you are aware of what is at stake. If you haven’t started reading this run, please do. It’s beautifully written, fascinatingly drawn, and overall a comic that is meant to immerse you and it will.

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