Supernatural wrapped up its first half of their 10th season with Things We Left Behind; and left us all contemplating about what was going on with the promo. Now we are going to break it down bit by bit, and tell you what to consider for the premiere on January 20th.

For those of you that have not yet seen the promo, you can watch it here.

We know that this week’s episode ended with Dean’s visions coming true as he was looking around him to see his dream in the opening scene of the episode come to life. And as the fandom’s crazy hiatus activities sprout back up for the next month and a half, many of us are trying to piece together the fast paced video clips that made up the promo. Let’s get started.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.59.06 AM

The video opens with a scene of Dean swinging an axe down at what I can only tell to be wood. Visually, an axe resembles a hammer; having a wooden post with a square like tool on the top. As we remember from 10.03 Soul Survivor, a hammer was Demon!Dean’s weapon of choice as he hunted for his brother in the bunker.


What we could be looking at is a subtle parallel between the two versions of Dean. As the finale left us with Dean clearly being effected by the Mark of Cain, the chance of demon vs human in the coming episodes could be a possibility.


The next clip we come across is Metatron, who we hear talking as Dean swings his axe. It is obvious from the looks of his surroundings that he has in fact been taken out of the jail in prison. Later in the clip we have enough evidence to come to the solid conclusion that he is in the bunker where the Winchesters kept Crowley at the start of season 9.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.17.15 PM

Many of you might be worried. With good reason of course, Metatron is the angel who locked everyone out of heaven and ordered the death of our Kevin Tran. Not to mention that because of him Castiel is still struggling for survival and can burn up at any minute without his own grace. But for now lets take a step back and analyze a possibility of why he is out.

My theory is Sam has finally had enough of watching his brother suffer through the MoC, and (with the help of Castiel, who is willing to do anything to keep himself from killing Dean) takes Metatron out of prison. Metatron is clearly talking about Dean, saying “Full on, foaming at the mouth, maniac”. Metatron likes to toy with peoples minds, remember. And if he is describing Dean in this way (whether it be true or not), he is clearly trying to get a rise out of Sam, who is viewed standing in front of Metatron a second later. Metatron might be trying to get himself a deal out of desperate Sam. Maybe something along the lines of ‘ill only fix your brother if I walk here a free man’ (coincidentally exactly the deal Dean made with Crowley to get Gadreel out of Sam). Being that there are no prophets to translate any tablet anymore, Sam resorts to the source to try and see if there is an answer to the MoC. In the last scene of the promo, we see Dean punching Metatron:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.34.14 PM

There seems to be no Sam or Cas to be found, so we can assume that Dean and Sam came down at different times. Keep in mind, Dean is still human. He still wants to be cured. So Dean punching Metatron could be the sort of chaotic-good character alignment that resembles that of Dean in Stairway to Heaven. And who knows? Maybe we’ll end up getting Cas’ grace out of the deal. Nothing is certain.

The next scene is Dean being portrayed as violent, holding a girl ‘hostage’ and hitting a man with a bat:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.44.36 PMScreen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.44.43 PM

These are both clearly from the same moment, as the scenery does not change. Another thing that is the same is Dean’s clothing, he is wearing the same brown jacket and red shirt as he was in the opening scene of the promo. While this looks like Dean is hurting people because of the Mark, I think there is more to it. As I have said before, Dean is still human, and he does not seem to be violent unless provoked (lets be honest, was Dean really in the wrong duing the finale? Keep in mind the boss was about to sexually assault Claire (who is confirmed still a minor) and everyone else allowed it happen). I think that, now with Crowley and Rowena seeming to be a team (for now), and both having beef with Dean, Crowley sends demons to capture/kill Dean. They find him and come after him with a bat. To which Dean handles it himself.

This next scene is causing the most buzz in the fandom and is crucial to talk about. As we know, Charlie does come back in this episode. But we are all surprised to see Dean punching Charlie in the face as shown here:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.54.47 PM

For obvious reasons people have been freaking out about this scene. But there is good reason to believe that this is not the Charlie we know and love. For you to truly understand this, let’s start by looking at Charlie.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.54.22 PM

The first thing worthy of pointing out is Charlie’s hair. Yes, Felicia Day’s hair is already like this. But lets remember Meg 1.0 and 2.0. After Meg 1.0 was gone, we see her meat suit comeback as a ‘witness’ during season 4. Her hair is long. She explains that after Meg possessed her, she cut her hair. Now lets fast forward a few seasons to season 8’s Goodbye Stranger, Meg’s last episode. When the boys find Meg tied up in the bathroom, her hair changed from brunette to blonde. When Dean points it out, she tells him it was Crowley’s idea. Through these examples and a few others (Demon!dean for one) we can assume that when a demon takes over a meat suit, they like to alter the appearance of the person. Hair being the common choice.

Not only does Charlie’s hair raise suspicions on whose truly in charge of her body, her voice is different too. If you did not watch the promo (which I suggest you at least do at the end of this article), Charlie does have a line, “Now there’s the Dean I love.” Its her voice, but something is off. It sounds lower and more dark and serious then before. Which is common for demonic possession. The attitude of the demon is obviously different from that of the person it is possessing, which is why demon!dean had a bit of a southern drawl in his voice. Different persona=different voice.

Now lets throw Dean into this mix shall we?

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 12.54.09 PM

This is a different day than before. Dean’s jacket is a different color and his red shirt is missing. But from the cut on his nose you can tell he’s been in a fight. Paint this picture in your mind and decide for yourself if i’m right: Charlie and Dean are out alone. Something happens, Charlie says something and flashes her black eyes (charlie never got a tattoo like Kevin and Linda Tran did, mind you). Dean yells at the demon to get out of her. They fight. Dean being held back by the fact that this is Charlie, the sister he never had, someone who he considers part of his family, isn’t fighting as well as he could be. The demon says something to provoke him, maybe something about how Charlie is screaming on the inside, or something about his brother or Cas. Dean reaches his limit and finally gets in a good swing. That’s when Charlie says it, “Now there’s the Dean I love”.

The promo continues with a series of multiple clips playing quickly through up until the last scene where Dean punches Metatron. One of the scenes to point out is this one:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.14.48 PM

In this scene, “A SUPERNATURAL” appears with a background clip of a room exploding. Looking at the files and shelving my guess is its the dungeon of the bunker. Whether or not anyone was in that room when it happened or it was Metatron doing the same thing Gadreel did (though in my opinion Metatron is too full of himself to do that) no one can be sure. But whatever happened, something like that going on in Dean and Sam’s true home will definitely be impactful.

Another (and final) scene that should be talked about is the following:

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.20.19 PM

Whats note worthy about this scene isnt that we don’t know who it is, its who it very well could be. Remember back to season 9’s Bad Boys, where Dean has flashbacks of his 16 year old self in the boys home with Sonny. The young actor who played Dean was this boy:


Now I can’t say for certain whether or not this is the same actor. But looking at the eyes and eyebrows i’ll put my money on this theory. It is possible we are going to get an episode with some young Dean flashbacks. I can’t speculate why or what they could be about, but if this kid is there, we’re going to get something.

Whether or not you believe what im saying is up to you. But there is no way of denying that the 10th episode of the 10th season is going to take us for quite a spin.