The humor of Camp Wedding is super-specific when you claw the movie down to its bare bones. You either need desperation, a certain personality type, or an intense love of camp to watch this offering. The comedy-horror comes from director and writer Greg Emetaz, writer Cara Consilvio and producer Josh Folan.

Along with an ensemble cast that includes names like Kelley Gates from Off-Broadway fame and Sean Hankinson from Days of Our Lives, this horror-comedy seeks to comment on people’s fear of social media through the arduous game of pleasing a bride on the night before her wedding.

A Genre Russian Roulette

Okay, I admit, I laughed during a few sequences.

Camp Wedding does adequately when it riffs on traditional horror movie cliches. The premise lends itself to making jokes about the genre. There’s so much possibility in the concept of a wedding party at a campsite. The jokes can come aplenty when the crazy event is a wedding. I also see where the writer attempts to interject commentary about using our phones too much in our day-to-day interactions. If you add on to the need to build tension, you’re juggling a lot of plates. The problem is that this low-budget movie bites off way more than it can potentially chew.

Camp Wedding Film Still involving three men in white masks. The middle man is pointing forward.
Camp Wedding @ MINORapocalypse.

For example, terror relies on jump scares you’ll see coming. These set-ups are for jokes that don’t land so the moment gets too awkward. A second attempt would be the way they try to make you care about the characters. They’re all cliched stereotypes like the gay best friend or the catty blonde. I don’t even mean love-to-hate cliched stereotypes, but rather, forgettable, to the point where it detracts from following the plot. The constant need for quip isn’t a character trait.

It would’ve been helpful to simplify the work so at least one emotion carries throughout the narrative. The biggest problem with the movie was how apathetic I was throughout, rather than feeling any rage, happiness, or fear. Usually, a piece of media should invoke some revelation that where you go this is something I do like or something I don’t value in watching. There shouldn’t be a lack of response. I’ve experienced this Black Mirror-esque ‘technology has the potential to ruin people’ in better works that are funnier and scarier.

The writing does try its best, but it’s not enough to clean up the shoddy execution.

Mia’s Wedding In Camp Wedding Takes A High-School Catty Turn With Late Thirty Year Olds

I can’t blame the cinematography because it’s the standard for these movies. They all have the same coloring and editing style. There are some shots that are visually interesting, due to the framing of the scenery, that captures a second of dread. I’m appreciative that the reliance on having text messages on screen isn’t too distracting.

Camp Wedding film still where a man is on a lake staring at his phone.
Camp Wedding @ MINORapocalypse.

An issue I did have with the execution is that the actors don’t emote when using texts. When they have a phone in their hands, they’re boring. There are only so many expressions you can make at your screen. On the other hand, the use of phones does lend itself to the warning within the movie, but was that intentional? As a result, the heavy reliance on texting detracts from the enjoyment of Camp Wedding.

Camp Wedding film still where a woman is drinking from a soda can and staring up at the ceiling. There are stuffed animals around her body.
Camp Wedding @ MINORapocalypse.

I wonder how much I can say about miscasting when it comes to age. These mid-thirty-year-old actors are capturing the spirit of someone in their early twenties. I’m talking about that cringe factor, baby. Seeing older individuals act like they are college kids kills the suspension of disbelief that should be established for something in the comedy-horror realm. This particular blend of genre expectation asks for the work to be a bit smarter than what Camp Wedding can deliver.

Should You Watch Camp Wedding?

If it’s on one of your streaming services, I wouldn’t laugh at you. There is value in Camp Wedding’s humor and how those moments riff on the genre, so it isn’t a complete waste. You could put it on for background noise. There are some moments that shine due to the humorous writing, but the comedy does get eclipsed by the actors and the constraints of directing.

An older audience might enjoy this film better than a younger one due to its message. They’d get a kick out of laughing at the caricature of Millenials, who can’t survive without being murdered because they couldn’t communicate face-to-face.

Camp Wedding by Greg Emetaz, Cara Consilvio, and Josh Folan
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