Dan Watters‘ adventure moves forward in Lucifer #11 as the search for refuge continues. As we saw in the previous issue, Lucifer and Caliban had traveled to the Hindu underworld in their quest to find refuge for Lucifer’s former lover Sycorax. The story opens with Lucifer falling into the great ocean of nothing. While down in the ocean of nothing, Lucifer speaks to Yama, the Hindu god of death. Though we do not get to witness the conversation held between the two, it is clear that once again Lucifer chooses against using this underworld for Sycorax’s new home.

Lucifer #11: Page 2, Lucifer talks with Yama in the ocean of nothing.
Lucifer #11 (DC Entertainment)

While Dan Watters’ dialogue continues to be superb by the issue, the art of Sebastian Fiumara and Leomacs is a treat to behold in Lucifer #11. An “ocean of nothing” should be hard to picture in your mind. Yet the art team is able to create something wondrously beautiful while terrifying all at the same time.

Caliban Begins To Grow Impatient

While Lucifer is in the ocean of nothing, Caliban waits above in the Hindu afterlife. His hunger to find his mother a place of refuge and desire to return to the Silver City grows. Caliban was promised the ability to enter the city by the Archangel Raquel if he reports on Lucifer’s plans. The need to become an angel has eaten away at Caliban. Once Lucifer returns from the ocean of nothing and informs Caliban their journey must continue elsewhere, we see Caliban’s emotions come out.

Lucifer #11: Page #3, Caliban speaks to Mohini in the Hindu underworld.
Lucifer #11 (DC Entertainment)

Lucifer states that this afterlife could not work on Sycorax as it would change her spirit from darkness to one of light and happiness. Caliban struggles to understand how being happy can be a bad thing in the eyes of Lucifer and the two then part ways. Caliban’s return to Raquel and the Silver City does not confirm to be much better than his time with Lucifer either.

Upon his arrival, Raquel is annoyed by the fact that Caliban does not know the plan of Lucifer and declares that he will find out on his own. Caliban is left behind with Diri, one of Raquel’s Cherubs. The small Cherub berates Caliban with a mass of insults. Repeatedly telling him to take his own life. Caliban grows suspicious of the way Diri speaks, sounding nothing like a true angel would. The constant yelling from Diri leads Caliban to snap and go into a rage killing the Cherub.

Elsewhere On Earth…

On Earth, Sycorax and her human friend Thessaly attempt to solve the murders on the island that took place last issue. A shovel speaks to the two as they try to piece together the clues. However, when the shovel speaks it feels like more questions come about. Even though Lucifer #11 is a strong book, the scenes with Sycorax and Thessaly come off a bit dry. Their narrative does not pull you in as much as Lucifer and Caliban’s. Despite this though, it seems Dan Watters is leading up to something huge in the near future.

The Art Team Of Lucifer #11

Art for this series has been a major strength throughout. Lucifer #11 is no different and gives you your fill of emotion, gore, and horror. With Dave McCaig working with the two artists on colors, the book is aesthetically pleasing. With a large array of locations in this particular issue, from an ocean of nothing to a Silver City to an island on Earth, each page has something that will catch your eye.

Lucifer #11: Page #1, Lucifer drifts into the ocean of nothing.
Lucifer #11 (DC Entertainment)

I have been declaring this series a must-read now for a few issues and the art is one of the top reasons why. The team always provides a large diversity of scenery and colors that are a perfect fit for Dan Watters’ storytelling. Lucifer #11 is another masterpiece by the crew behind the pages.

What Did Lucifer #11 Bring?

Dan Watters and the team brought us yet again another great read in Lucifer #11. Things are picking up and the climax to the current story looks to be in sight. A promising conclusion to the story arc cannot come to the shelves soon enough. Will Lucifer find refuge for Sycorax, or will Raquel stop him? What will Caliban’s future hold?

The Lucifer series is a must-read for fans of horror, mythology, or fantasy. Even though all the Sandman Universe titles have been great, in my opinion, Lucifer is far beyond superior to the rest. Lucifer #11 is just another example of why you should be reading this book.

Lucifer #11: Cover.