Cabin Fever (2016) Remade… Again? (Review)

Cabin Fever is one of the biggest franchises in the genre of horror. It keeps being remade, keeps having sequels, and for some reason, people keep watching them. Most of the sequels are straight to DVD or straight to Netflix runs, so maybe the people watching it are bored Netflix watchers? Perhaps so, the demographic is in the right place with straight to Netflix films and TV shows.

Cabin Fever (2016) Is Not Looking Too Hot…

What do we make of, yet another Cabin Fever remake? This one came out in 2016, and I heard nothing of it until today on Netflix. I was looking for horror films to watch and decided upon watching a remake of one my favorite films from 2002. The original Cabin Fever is a great film to watch, and I would advise watching it over this one.

Cabin Fever

However, this new Cabin Fever that came out in 2016 got a whopping 2.5 out of 10 on the rating scale on Rotten Tomatoes. Only 12% liked it, averaging about 1.7 out 5. The film was directed by “Travis Z” or Travis Zariwny. Randy Pearlstein and Eli Roth wrote it. The film is only 99 minutes long, or about an hour and twenty-seven minutes. This film is by IFC Midnight.

Remakes: Why They Don’t Need to Happen

The characters in the film are as follows, Jeff played by Matthew Daddario, Karen played by Gage Golightly, Marcy played by Nadine Crocker, Bert played by Dustin Ingram, and Paul played by Samuel Davis. The actors playing the characters are not that bad, it is merely based on a dense plot. They didn’t have much to work with – and, in turn, I don’t blame them for the bad acting.

Cabin Fever

What the previous Cabin Fever (2002) did so well was the horror. We don’t get much of that with this 2016 remake. In the beginning, we get a ‘horrific’ scene with the child biting the hand of one of the friends. This is a classic, however, it was mediocre and not scary at all in this 2016 version of the film. While it is gorgeous to look at and entirely cinematic – the plot and writing are missing.

Sex Scenes: Why We Don’t Need to Have Them

The sex scenes are… weird. At one point Jeff and Karen are having sexual intercourse, and Jeff still has his pants on with no shirt and Karen is entirely naked. While this isn’t a significant downfall of the film, it happens about fifteen minutes in. But, the continuity is flawed – they seem to be already having sexual intercourse in that scene.

Cabin Fever

The fact that he had his pants on and all we see is the entirety of the female is weird. If there’s a sex scene involved, why is the female the only one allowed to be fully naked? Also, you barely get to the cabin, and you are already having sex and thinking about sex in a house full of friends in broad daylight?

Is It Considered A Remake If It’s The Same Movie Entirely?

This ‘remake’ or whatever you want to call it is a play-by-play of the original. In 2002, a script of the same name was made, and this is a remake of that exact film with millennial characters. Just younger, attractive characters that they could find and put in this film.

Cabin Fever

I don’t know any of them aside from Gage Golightly who has played in childhood shows and movies I know of. But, the others – I am not quite sure I have seen them in anything to my knowledge. For remakes, they usually grab low-grade actors, but they did a decent job with the script. I can say that.

Since the film is an entire remake of the previous one you are caught just rewatching a nostalgic film that was good… but, this one is mediocre. The remake does not do anything justice because it’s not that great of a remake. I wouldn’t even call it that, but that is what it is called across Google.

Cabin Fever: Remake (The Results)

The film is impressive to watch as far as cinematography goes; however, it falters in many ways. It is a replica of the previous film so as far as writing goes, this film had to come with something new and improved. It didn’t. Since it was a replica, the 2002 version (that is one of the best horror movies of the past decade) is hard to do better than.

Cabin Fever

You come in expecting greatness and expecting a good film, and you don’t get that. Your expectations were already high because of the previous film. You had something to look forward to that didn’t deliver. The gore is subpar, and it’s too much to the point where it doesn’t look real. The sex scenes are random and misplaced, but I thought that about the original.

The film just does not deliver in what I expected this remake to be. Coming from a previous of the same name, it’s hard to do it right. It’s hard to do it better. And, it’s hard to get good upcoming actors as the 2002 version did at the time.

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