New YouTube Comedy Series: But Ya Know What I Think?

<strong>New YouTube Comedy Series:</strong> <em>But Ya Know What I Think?</em> 3

There is a new comedy series on the horizon on YouTube, and it’s good. Well, good is an understatement, you’ll just have to check it out for yourselves. The new comedy series is titled: “But Ya Know What I Think?

The synopsis goes a little something like this: After about four years of advanced theatre training, Jason, Zach, and Corey are back where it all started. No, not in the cliché way — they aren’t back in luxury. They are back at home, at their mom’s house in New Jersey! (Even better than luxury, if you ask me.)

The show follows these three over-qualified and under-employed actor friends who pursue their big dreams while dealing with the reality of being an adult: being broke, living at home, and dealing with the harsh version of reality. This is a sketch-mockumentary, but the comedy is prominent. Each episode deals with a subject relevant to the three characters — money, wasting time, and even meeting woman.

Wait… There’s More!

What’s super rad is that Jason, Zach, and Corey are the larger-than-life versions of the show’s creators. Although the show is aimed towards being about acting and the life of actors, the post-college struggles are too real even to describe. This will resonate with anyone who has just graduated (like myself) and need a laugh about the real struggles that are happening.

The first season has six episodes, and they are all great — just released on YouTube! Created by: Jason Cohen and Zach Miller. Produced, written by, and starring: Corey Mosello, Jason Cohen, and Zach Miller. If you are looking for a real-life comedy series, with real-life struggles, watch “But Ya Know What I Think?

You can find them all here: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Website!

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