A web series released on April 20th, 2018 was the best stoner dramedy you ever didn’t see… yet. However, that is what The Daily Fandom is for — Brosa Nostra has made its online presence on Amazon Prime Video. And, before you watch this series we would say — make sure you are 18+. This web series features adult language and weed. An equal amount of both.

About The Brosa Nostra Web Series

So, what is this web series even about? Well, after 33 years of exile, fraternity president Steve Olivieri (played by Jason David) wants Sigma Mu Theta () to return to Greek Row at Southern California College.

A legion of fraternity presidents would advise against it. Sigma Mu Theta has a plan, nonetheless, though, their golden ticket is a new strain of weed. This is highly worthy of Greek Row. But, will IFC find Steve’s proposal super dank or whack? The choice is up to you to decide.

Before Brosa Nostra

Before the debut of the web series, Brosa Nostrathe series premiere screened at Hollyweb Festival, Hollywood Comedy Shorts, and Die Laughing Film Festival. They received a Silver Remi for Best Web Series at Worldfest-Houston Independent Film Festival in 2017.

Mike Smith, the creator, and writer of Brosa Nostra stated that:

“Brosa Nostra is a web-series born out of love for frat comedy and the gangster genre. It’s a comeback story that calls back to my own time in Greek Life, where against all odds we restored our fraternity to prominence and returned to The Row. But in Brosa Nostra, that’s only the beginning of the story.”

The Actors & Creators of The Web Series

Brosa Nostra stars the best of the best: Jason David, Autumn Chiklis, Tre Hall and Jack Shulruff. It features Ronak Gandhi, Eddie Shan, Isaac Jay, Geoffrey Katz, Dani Goffstein, Alex Diehl, Marcus Wayne, and Romeo Miller as co-stars.

The series, Brosa Nostra was created and written by Mike Smith, Zach Rodham, and Connor Fitzgerald. We also have producers Noor Alfallah, Remi Alfallah, and Nicole Boxer, as well as, Zephyr Entertainment. Zephyr Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based production company dedicated to reinventing classic cinema in the New Media Era and fostering a community of forward-thinking creatives.

Where To Go Now?

Now that we have peeked your interest in the web series, Brosa Nostra where can you find more about it? Easy, we are here to save the day — you can check out the first episode on Amazon Prime. You can also check out all their social media from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram.