Sid Is The Broke A$$ Rich Kid In Broke A$$ Rich Kid Web Series!

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A new web series titled, Broke A$$ Rich Kid is on the radar of The Daily Fandom. For many reasons, but writer, actor, and filmmaker Allen E. Landver created Broke A$$ Rich Kid (BARK) and released it at the New Media Film Festival. The comedy series is nominated for Best Web Series, and it stars Landver as Sid. Sid is a 35-year-old whose life takes a turn — a huge 180 to be specific — after his mother throws him out and cuts him off financially.

This series tracks the naive life of Sid, a grown adult, who is unprepared for the real world. This web series is seven episodes as Sid begins to navigate between the privileged comforts of what he once has in Beverly Hills. To the not so privilege of being on his own. Broke A$$ Rich Kid featured professional skateboarder Angel Cardenas, Jake Olson, and Ellen Gerstein. The score — on the other hand — was composed by Allyson Newman.

“My goal with BARK is to continue the legacy of HBO’s Girls, but from a more realistic perspective. It’s ok to be 30+ years old and struggling. Sometimes there’s pride in going broke, at least there was for me. I would cut myself off again to experience the lessons I learned from being self reliant.” says Landver.

Landver generated more than 20K for Broke A$$ Rich Kid with a successful Kickstarter for the series in 2016. And, since, it has been a long and fulfilling ride for both the web series and Landver. Using 5K of his own money to film the pilot. The series will be available for viewing YouTube and a television series is in development as well.

So, you probably want to know a little bit more about Sid and Broke A$$ Rich Kid. Well, you’re in luck — if the short synopsis wasn’t cutting it for ya’ we have more. Broke A$$ Rich Kid is a comedic web series about exploration and autonomy and the risks of privilege. Each episode is about ten minutes long.

Throughout that ten minutes, Sid Frisbee learns what living without a safety net is all about. Painful lessons to follow, growing up to do, and more importantly being independent. Not only is Sid privileged himself, he has privileged friends, too. He has easy access to money, his mom pays all his bills, and they live in a fancy condo. What more could Sid want? Well, when he is kicked out, he runs out of cash — he needs it quick. He pawns his Rolex for first month’s rent.

As old friends argue about tiny problems and squabble about their status, Sid struggles to relate, but that’s only half the story. In order to survive, he will have to accept his new self as a Broke A$$ Rich Kid. And, Sid is finally becoming aware of his finances. One episode at a time.

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