Remember that time we reviewed the first issue of Breathless, now we are on Breathless #2? Well, number two is out and what better way to commemorate the anticipation we had over the past few weeks then to review it again. So, let’s jump right into it — this issue starts right from the ending of the first one.

Breathless #2 released under Black Mask Studios. We have the dream team back, writer Pat Shand, artist Renzo Rodriguez, colorist Mara Jayne Carpenter, and letterer Jim Campbell.

The Premise Of The Breathless Series

Turner is a cryptozoologist, who examines the supernatural for scientific purposes. She accidentally discovers the cure for asthma one day and finds herself on the run from some very bad people. Kenilworth Pharmaceuticals has actually hired a monster to take care of her. Turner has a clueless sidekick by her side and no one to turn to. What does she do?

Now, Onto Breathless #2…

Wow. The art and writing in Breathless (which we have always praised) is exceptional in this second issue. Without a doubt, Breathless #2 is finding its form and its form is beautiful. Right off the bat, this issue follows from the previous one — if you haven’t caught up, do so.

This is a comic that deserves to be followed issue by issue because the story is just marvelous. Too marvelous to skip out on one issue, if you do, you will miss out on vital information. With that being said, Scout is back and better than ever with Grace-Eisley. Last issue we left on a spoiler-free review, but that may be harder to do this issue.

There’s just so much that happens, we can’t contain our excitement.

The Art & Writing Remain Supreme In Breathless #2

When you read Breathless #2 the art will take you into another realm. An elegant one. Throughout the issue, you catch yourself often taken aback by how beautiful the imagery is. Renzo Rodriguez brings the anxiety to the page. In a comic meant to be about the lack of breath you have and the lack of being able to breathe, the art uses that to its advantage.

Since this comic is a science fiction comic, the art expresses how weird these characters need to be. And, man, are they weird-lookin’. The writing by Pat Shand is always something that we are looking forward to when reading Breathless #2. The dialogue is and speech bubbles are sharp.

While often you are left with a lot of dialogue being said, there’s never a moment where too much is being said. You get Grace-Eisley is an anxious person — through her dialogue, you can see that. She talks too much, often. And, she speaks incredibly fast nearly all the time. It’s wonderful to get that while reading a single issue.

What we love about Breathless #2 and the run, in general, are the panels. There’s never a singular panel, there’s always a page with many panels intertwined with it. It is superb that both Pat and Renzo can work together to make this executed so well.

Enough about the glorious writing and art, we got carried away. Let’s chat about the plot!

So, What Is Breathless #2 About?

Like we said earlier, the story continues from the first run. If you read our first review it was spoiler-free, we intend this to be, but… we will try. Basically, what happens in this run is Scout is on the break from what they call, Drinkers. 

These drinkers have killed everyone they know and love, almost. There are a few that are still alive, but… something, someone, sent these drinkers to infiltrate the building. Scout is going to find out who, what, when, where, and why.

You get little backstory into Scouts’ childhood. After a major death in the series, you find out how she deals with emotions and trauma. Scout is a strong-willed character, someone who gets the job done, no matter what. She does just that to help herself and Grace-Eisley survive. However, at what cost?

Small Victories Are Important

Important aspects of this issue are, of course, the continuation of the PoC main character. Nonetheless, we get LGBTQIA+ representation as well with Grace-Eisley and Claire.

These are small victories in such a mighty comic that has a great story, great character development, and art and writing to follow. We cannot wait to see what is in store for Scout and Breathless. Each moment a new issue comes out it is better than the last. To keep toping the last issue is difficult, but Pat and Renzo keep doing it.

So, let’s see what’s in store for Breathless #3. 

Breathless #2 by writer Pat Shand, artist Renzo Rodriguez, colorist Mara Jayne Carpenter, and letterer Jim Campbell.
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