Breathless #1 released under Black Mask Studios has its first issue out this week. On the project, we have writer Pat Shand, artist Renzo Rodriguez, colorist Mara Jayne Carpenter, and letterer Jim Campbell. The comic was created by Pat and Renzo. We would talk about how good it is in the introduction, but we are too excited — let’s just get right into it!

Scout Turner: “The Leap Year Baby”

The main character of the show is Scout Turner; she is a powerhouse, which I love. This first issue makes it known that there will be science fiction elements throughout the comic (hence the aliens, or alien-like dudes). This comic from beginning to end really drives home with the art, writing, and countless PoC characters.

Not only is Scout a PoC character, her boss is as well. There are elements of a possible lesbian romance with her coworker Grace-Eisley and Claire. These are all elements that are important to mention and drive the comic home in countless ways.

Scout Turner has asthma… well, did have asthma. She no longer does because she inhaled some aroma from an alien she was dissecting. After she did that — she no longer had asthma anymore. You get that she lives with her aunt “who raised her” and essentially she works for a company that keeps secrets. I want to say similar to the CIA or Area-51 even.

As many people know health insurance is changing and at the beginning of this comic it drives that home. Breathless #1 shows that Turner is co-paying more than she should on her ability to breathe. She even finds out that the inhaler she bought was tampered with and didn’t even work after she tried to use it. Turner is essentially paying to breathe and at what cost?

The Premise of Breathless #1

Turner is a cryptozoologist, who examines the supernatural for scientific purposes. She accidentally discovers the cure for asthma one day and finds herself on the run from some very bad people. Kenilworth Pharmaceuticals has actually hired a monster to take care of her. Turner has a clueless sidekick by her side and no one to turn to. What does she do?

The Art Is Breathless…

The art is absolutely fantastic in this comic Renzo Rodriguez and colorist Mara Jayne Carpenter bring out the weird and exciting alien creatures. Even when Turner was dissecting the creature and the pages after that when she inhales the aroma — it bounces off the page and truly grabs you.

As someone who has experience with asthma and using inhalers, in the moment pictures above, I truly felt it. That is how it feels like even if you inhale an inhaler when it goes into your lungs. Or, that is how I felt when I read it and saw it on the page. Moments similar to that are so vivid in this comic.

…And The Writing Is Immaculate in Breathless #1

The writing is another aspect of the comic that I enjoyed. I always feel rebellious when I read swearing in a comic — but, I like it. It makes me feel risque when it fits with the rest of the writing and story. The personality of Turner is something that falls off the page and screams at you. From just this first issue, you can tell that she is a powerhouse, strong-willed, and excellent under pressure.

I am most looking forward to more of her and seeing her character. She is drawn so well, the aspects of her life are depicted incredibly well, and something intrigues me about the character. I want to see more of how she reacts to this situation she is in.

The last three pages of the comic are ‘on the edge of your seat’ kind of pages. It makes me hate to wait for the next issue, but I am stoked about waiting at the same time. High praise to Pat Shand for the excellent writing on this issue.

What Can We Make Of Breathless #1?

What caught my attention was the cover of this comic, it’s gorgeous in a very subtle way. It’s simplistic, but, at the same time, there’s a lot to be said from it after you finish this first issue. It is incredibly exciting to catch issues such as this and try not to spend a whole review praising the creators for it. I am excited about the next steps for Turner.

Impressed and highly recommend checking out this first issue of Breathless if you have the chance. Buy it, enjoy it, and fall in love with the writing and art that takes place throughout. This review had to be spoiler free because of craziness that ensues throughout.

But, trust us, we did a spoiler free for a very good reason. This is one of those comics you don’t want to ruin for anyone else because it’s so damn good.

…Is Breathless #2 here yet?

Breathless #1 by writer Pat Shand, artist Renzo Rodriguez, colorist Mara Jayne Carpenter, and letterer Jim Campbell.