Have you ever wondered what you were missing for breakfast every morning? Well, I am here to tell you it is Breakfast: The Series web series (say that three times fast!). We promise this is what you were missing your entire life.

Breakfast… Bacon… And Robots?

This web series is five episodes long but touch on a span of a few months between them all. This series is about a man who eats breakfast every morning with a sex robot who is not interested in having sex with him. It’s a dilemma. Between the sex robot and the main character, we get a breakfast therapy session in five episodes.

What makes this web series so delightful to watch is the uniqueness and character it has. In such a short span of episodes, it brings a lot to the surface: communication, good breakfast, and learning about oneself. Now, we could just be overthinking it, but I think they both learn something by the time you and I both reach episode five.

A Masteregg…Masterbacon…Master…Nevermind

This is a web series that we have never heard of or seen before across the web series land of the internet. It’s fresh, it’s a bit awkward, and it’s unfamiliar in a good way. It creates a dialogue, and that is something special. It is considered to be a “dark comedy,” but, it can be lighthearted all the same.

Granted, breakfast can make anyone get on the same page — well, it should, but for some reason, this guy and this sex robot cannot get on the same page. Usually, when bacon is involved any spats anyone has are voided for the time being.

There Is Always More!

Matthew Gudernatch makes this wonderful gem of a web series. He wanted to show the world just how he spends his morning…and, that you can make anything you want — even with talented friends. I mean, as long as they agree to do it because then if they don’t, that will be a whole thing. Plus, how adorable are these main characters? I mean, look at the screenshot from above — they’re adorbs!

Goodnight Orchard created this fresh web series, and you can find out more about them here. While I am at it, you can check out the web series here, or on YouTube! Matt has a Twitter and Breakfast: The Series has a Facebook ready for ya!