BREAK web series is something you should be tuning into — especially if you are in your twenties and ready to live without any guilt. Well, we mean that in a way where your significant other just broke up with you, and you are going through a heartbreak, so you have a typical mid-life crisis.

What Is BREAK About?

BREAK web series is a coming of age 3-8 minute comedy about the crazy tactics that college students use to get over a breakup. I mean, I know I have used some crazy tactics back in the day, and I know a bunch of twenty-somethings can relate as well. You never realize you did absurd tactics until you think about it.

Best pals, Ben (Vincent Loretta) and Chris (Josh Miller) are trying to have the time of their life in Miami, so they break up with their girlfriends Tara (Julia Barnett) and Lauren (Grace Loretta). The time is spring break and, of course, Ben and Chris want to have some fun! Throughout the six-episode season of BREAK, we follow these same four characters on their journeys of discovery.

Who are Ben, Chris, Tara, and Lauren without their relationships? Who is anyone without their relationship? After you have dated someone for an extended period, it is something to get back into it and figure out. You get Yoga, frat boys, and Netflix n’ chillin’ and between all of that you will realize how much fun BREAK is. If you are going through a breakup, you are not alone; a broken heart ain’t got nothin’ on you!

BREAK Is Broken Heart Fun…In A Good Way

This series is fun, and especially Millennials will have a blast with it because they can relate. As I said, web series aiming at twenty-somethings is a popular wave right now, and I cannot say I dislike it. I am enjoying it very much so. It is nice to feel like we belong somewhere and a web series is exactly where we need to belong.

The first episode debuted Wednesday, August 30th; the remaining episodes air every Wednesday at 7 PM.

Wait, BREAK Is Doing More?

BREAK is not only a web series — it is an incredible resource for artists as well. BREAK was made with no budget at all, zero dollars. This was an entirely free web series to make with the help and use of neighborhood locations. They collaborated with local Jersey Shore businesses and made this possible. How awesome, right?

BREAK has also helped many artists, as stated before, they are a fantastic resource for up and coming artists that want to move forward in their film careers. Here are some of the incredible artists they have helped: BREAK placed third in Archer Gray and Sharegrid’s Pitch Competition this past February.

Our director of photography, Kylie Murphy was accepted to the NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts film program as a result of the footage she created for the series. Actor, Miguel Figueroa, has booked a plethora of work such as Person of Interest, The Night Of, and countless other credits.

Co-creator, Gracemarie Loretta, and actor, Shea Grant have both appeared on Law and Order: SVU, and I, Julia Barnett, have been on Grey’s Anatomy and ABC’s What Would You Do?

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