Brains Season 2 might be over, but Undead Burrito Productions have some more plans for the web series’ zombie universe in the form of two short-form projects.

The first project is a short slice of life film titled Apocalypse Yesterday‘. Written by Brains creator Bri Castellini and directed by her brother, Vinny Castelliny, ‘Apocalypse Yestserday’ is set in apocalyptic Los Angels. The story follows “a group of roommates lamenting the fall of society and reflecting on their new routines”. The film stars Raina Deerwater, Ryan Smythe, Ben Ellenberg, and Max Friedlaender. ‘Apocalypse Yesterday’ will premiere on December 5th.

The second project is a three-episode miniseries calleddusk of the dead. Co-written by Bri Castellini and RJ Davies, and starring RJ Davies himself, Olivia Carass, Tom Stickler, and Portia McGrath, the miniseries will release the episodes on January 9th, 11th and 13th, 2017. The story is set and produced in Wales and chronicles “two siblings reuniting after years of separation due to the plague outbreak”.

Both projects will exist within the Brains apocalyptic universe. ‘Apocalypse Yesterday’ and ‘dusk of the dead’ will also reference being inspired by Alison Sumner’s videos from the main series as inspiration for their own. Because of this, Alison will be uploading video responses to both after “discovering” them, on December 19th and January 31st on the same Youtube channel..

You’re still in time to catch up with both seasons of Brains on the web series’ Youtube channel before the two projects come out!