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blue exorcist

Blue Exorcist: A story about twin brothers having to deal with… being the sons of Satan.

In A Nutshell

Blue Exorcist takes place in a universe in which the human world and the demon world are two sides of the same coin. The story follows Rin Okumura, a troublesome teenager. Rin has a twin brother called Yukio, who appears to be more intelligent and successful in life than him. They both live in a temple with their father, an exorcist. His world turns upside down the day he discovers that he is actually the son of Satan and also his future vessel. From that day on, Rin starts attending a school for exorcists so he can get stronger and protect the human world from Satan.


Meet the Characters

rin okumura - blue exorcist - the daily fandom
Rin Okumura

Rin is the main protagonist and the twin brother of Yukio. He is 15 and, because he’s a few seconds older than Yukio, he often feels jealousy towards his success as he feels it’s Yukio the one who should be admiring him. He inherited some powers from Satan. He’s called the Blue Exorcist due to the blue flames that come of him everytime he unfolds his demon-slaying blade. Rin is also a very good cook.


yukio okumura - blue exorcist - the daily fandom
Yukio Okumura

Yukio is a few seconds younger than Rin. He’s highly intelligent and is considered a prodigy. He often feels like he should be taking care of his troublesome brother, causing them to have many fights. Due to having a weaker body, he did not receive any powers from Satan but he does have a spirit wound at birth from Rin.



shiemi moriyama - blue exorcist - the daily fandom
Shiemi Moriyama

Shiemi is an exorcist and the first person Rin befriends in school. She is a very sweet and shy girl and the love interest of Rin. She has a passion for gardening and bases her exorcist abilities on plants. She lacks confidence in herself but learns to believe in her abilities with the help of the Okumura twins.



A Brief History of Blue Exorcist: the When, Where and How

Blue Exorcist, or Ao no Exorcist in Japanese, is a manga by Kazue Katou. The manga started being serialized in Jump SQ magazine in April 2009. As of June 4th 2015, fifteen volumes have been released. The manga falls under the category of shounen and its genres are Action, Fantasy, Demons and Supernatural.

An anime television by A-1 Pictures consisting of 25 episodes was released in 2011 and was later followed by a film (Ao no Exorcist Gekijouban) in December 2012. The series is available for home release.

Why It’s Awesome


Let’s be honest, Blue Exorcist won’t give you anything you haven’t seen before in any other shounen anime. There are clichés. But that’s not to say this isn’t worth watching. In fact, Blue Exorcist knows how to take the best elements of shounen and use them to create a fairly entertaining story about demons and exorcists.

Its strengths are the use of its characters and their comedic moments. Despite only featuring three main characters in this Sho-File, Blue Exorcist has a fairly long list of characters for being a relatively short anime (and no, don’t google them because there will be spoilers). Many of the characters come in form of classmates or school staff that will befriend Rin and help him in his mission. Others might try and interfere in his way. Demons are also pretty original as they come in different forms and some even befriend Rin.

Apart from friendship, there are also themes of family, from both the relationship between the brothers and that with their adoptive father… and Satan. Shounen that include brothers are some of my favourite as I believe it’s a very unique relationship that gives way to many possibilities in action animes (One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist…). And the brotherhood between Rin and Yukio is even more remarkable considering they’re both the sons of Satan and yet they still have their differences.

Overall Score

Category Score
Show Quality 7,5/10
Characters 8/10
Fandom 8/10
Animation/OST 8/10
Drama/Comedy 8,5/10
Total 40/50


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