Supernatural fans sat on the edge of their seats during the 20th episode of season 9, in hopes that the proposed ‘backdoor pilot’ episode of the proposed spinoff Bloodlines would meet their expectations. But at 10 o’clock that Tuesday night, you could smell the disappointment as the episode plummeted to the lowest rated episode on IMDB website. It was then everyone asked themselves the same question:

What do we want in our spinoff, and how are we going to get it?

Last week, fans’ prayers were answered as a filler episode starring Sheriffs Jody (Kim Rhodes) and Donna (Brianna Buckmaster) aired for a (possible) kickoff to another spinoff proposition. From 9 to 10, fans checked off item after item on their spinoff wish list, and as the end credits rolled, the decision was clear on every social media platform: we want a spinoff.

As more and more people fall behind the idea of a sheriff spinoff, there are still some people wondering, why this spinoff? Out of countless fan-proposed ideas, why should this be the one to get the backing? To answer this question, we have to look at the common list of fans’ wants/needs for their spinoff:

  1. Strong (preferably non-dead) female characters
  2. No ‘damsel in distress’ romances
  3. Kick-ass monster hunting
  4. Some humor to pick you up after the age-old Supernatural depression kicks in

Ever since Sheriff Jody’s tragic backstory begun in season five’s Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid, fans have adored Jody’s bravery and bad-ass attitude in every episode she has appeared in. Jody has gone up against zombies, vampires, leviathans and even a blind date with Crowley and has made us laugh, cry and given us reaction gifs so on point that it should be a crime not to have one up your sleeve.


But Jody is not the only sheriff fans adore; Sheriff Donna has become a big part of the fandom since her debut in season 9’s The Purge, where she played a recently divorced cop who is self-conscious about her weight and won’t use a swear word if it was her dying breath.

Unlike Sheriff Jody, whose attitude can only be described as the kid who sits in the back of class making snarky comments about everyone around them, Donna Hanscum is nice to everyone around her, including her ex-husband, Doug, who we all associate with one line:



What really appeals to fans is the pure chemistry that these two characters share.  The contrasting personalities of the two cops makes for an episode where the buddy-cop comedy of The Heat and the monster slaying of Supernatural come together.

Not only do Jody and Donna’s personalities appeal to fans, but the writers of last week’s episode threw in the humor between the two cops that fans desperately want in their possible spinoff. With lines like, “have a sucker” and, “stuff you, Dean,” fans can rest assured that if Hibbing 911 does become the backdoor pilot for a spinoff, humor will not be lacking.

Many believe the problem with the concept of Bloodlines was the lack of connection to Supernatural itself. Sure you had djin, werewolves and vampires (oh my) but the familiarization wasn’t there. Bloodlines presented itself more as an entirely new show than it did a spin-off. Fans had only known the characters in that episode for an hour of their life, but with Jody being around for 5 years running, there will always be that sense of connection with the boys even if they aren’t onscreen.

After the premiere of Hibbing 911, many fans aren’t talking about what they want out of their spinoff, but are instead asking when they are going to get confirmation of one.