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Is It Too Late For A Black Widow Movie?

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The speculation about the Black Widow film has been a long time comin’. They have talked and talked and talked and fans have asked and asked and asked and finally, to some degree, they are officially working on a script for the film. Nevertheless, a few questions are up in the air, “Who will be in the film?” “What is happening with Scarlett Johannson’s contract?” “Is it too late for a Black Widow film?”

I will answer none of those, just kidding, I will try and answer some of them – but, mostly everything right now is speculation. We know little to nothing about the film, however, I know we are all excited about it. There are a few missteps Marvel could take going into this film that I hope they do not take but will be mentioned. So, what can we make of the future Black Widow installment?

Who Is Black Widow?

Black Widow has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2010. This is when she first appeared in Iron Man 2, remember the good ol’ days? Natasha’s character, Black Widow is based on the retrospective comics titled, Black Widow. She also became a cult classic character, such as every Avengers member has in their own light. Unfortunately, she has resulted in taking exclusive supporting roles in the recent films of the MCU.

Usually, the standalone films are the male counterparts on her respective team and she makes a cameo in them. Now, no one was really complaining too much about that since we got a ton of Black Widow in each of these films she occurs in. However, the fans want more – which I can’t blame them for. In the past three years we got word a Captain Marvel film was in the works. It should be releasing within the next year.

Black Widow & Captain Marvel

Black Widow should have had a solo film well before Captain Marvel did is what some fans seem to think; which… they wouldn’t be wrong. We were introduced to Black Widow in the MCU well before Captain Marvel. Nonetheless, we will take what we can get as fans of Widow and Marvel respectively.

The fact that Widow is even beginning to see the light of day is a huge step forward. And, I would like to think Captain Marvel got future films like this off the ground. So, Captain Marvel might be the reason Black Widow was brought to the light, to begin with.

What Do We Know So Far?

The film does not have an official greenlight, so they are writing the film in hopes that it will. We are hoping that it will be just that good and get an automatic green light. If DC can do it with Wonder Woman, Marvel can too.

The Screenwriter

We do know Jac Schaeffer is writing the script for the film. A female screenwriter is writing the script for a female-driven film? Now, that is exciting to know and calms some of the fans worries I am sure. Never heard of Jac Schaeffer?

Well, she created the masterpiece that is TiMER (it is on Netflix and has been for a few years now). If you look on Google or Wiki she can be regarded under Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Nasty Woman, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and a few future releases as well. Schaeffer is a BA graduate of Princeton and a Masters graduate of USC School of Cinema. Black Widow is safe in her hands, that much I can say.

All-Female Avengers Film?

There have been rumors about an all-female Avengers styled film that could be in the works. The Black Widow film is Untitled as of now, so this rumor could withstand some truth to it. Schaeffer has not previously worked in the MCU before so this script could go any way she so chooses. As long as Feige approves of it.

So, with those two notions being brought up, this could very well turn into an Ocean’s 8-Avengers mashup. I can’t say that I would be mad at it since all of the females in the MCU are badass. Every single one of them brings something to the table that we have never seen before in a superhero film.

Even Justice League is predominately males with Wonder Woman whom they show as a supporting superhero half of the time as well. The difference is she got a (bad, or to some good) solo film. We still have yet to have that for Black Widow. This new, “all-female Avengers” film would be an impressive start to a new MCU.

Is It Too Late For A Black Widow Film?

There is never a bad time for a Black Widow film. Ever. We need it at any time, at any moment. And, as they say, better late than never? We deserve a Black Widow film if anything at this point since it’s been so long.

Fans have been asking and asking and now we finally have a glimpse of what could possibly be. I can’t wait to see what in store for this script. Natasha Romanoff is a great character to make a solo film from. Her background alone makes her worthy of a great film.

In the comics, she has an extensive childhood and not in the best way. So, it will be great to see if they add any background about Natasha in the film. I would also love to see how the relationship with Bucky Barnes stands in the films as well. Will this make that relationship happen in the MCU? I personally love their relationship – so to see that on the screen will be blissful.

Minor Concerns for Black Widow: The Untitled Film

What I don’t want to see is going to be sexualization of Black Widow herself. In the latest films, even in the movie posters, she has been overly sexualized. This is a minor infraction – it could be worse like Widow and Banner having a relationship *cough, cough.*

However, I would like to focus on her as a person and not so much how tight her outfit is. Or, whoever is showing how tight it is, rather. Since her outfit is tight either way, comics or not – it’s not a huge worry for me. Schaeffer, I hope, will do justice to the character regardless.

The Future of Black Widow

We can only have high hopes for the Black Widow film after waiting so long. We hope that the time fans spent asking for it was much needed time to create a great script for the film. This, in turn, means that Scarlett Johansson’s contract will be extended until whenever the film comes out and after.

Luckily, that means she is not meeting her demise anytime soon in the MCU. We can celebrate for that. If all else fails and everyone dies in Infinity War – we always have Natasha Romanoff… and hopefully, Bucky Barnes.