Black Panther OST
Ryan Coogler & Chadwick Boseman

The Black Panther OST Is Here Y’all! (#1Week)

Everyone is pumped for the Black Panther movie, right? The review embargos were lifted a few days ago, so the hype-ness is real. However, today, a week before the film comes out the Black Panther OST has been released. Now, it is not certain this is the official OST – but, damn, we sure hope so!

Spotify and Apple music both have the soundtrack and we have to admit… it’s good. With just fourteen songs, this album features Kendrick Lamar, SZA, Vince Staples, 2 Chainz, and even Future. There are so many more collaborations on this album that make it outstanding in what it brought to the table of music for a Marvel soundtrack.

Marvel’s Black Panther OST

The album was produced by TDE, “Top Dawg Entertainment” which is Kendrick and SZA’s record label. Almost all of the features on this album are on TDE’s record label. Kendrick is primarily on every song on this album.

Black Panther OST

When I hear the music of this soundtrack it makes the listener get excited about the film. How will thing song fit into the movie? Where will it fit? And, what scene would it fit in?

Are You On Ten Yet?

From start to finish on Black Panther OST the rhythms, the rapping, and the hype are all authentic. This soundtrack embeds what it means to watch and be engulfed by Black Panther.

When you start the title track, “Black Panther,” Kendrick begins rapping about what it means to be Black Panther and what it means to relate to Black Panther. The themes in this album mirror what the film is about perfectly. We know Black Panther is going to be a predominately woke film about African-American/Black struggles that we face and us, in general.

Black Panther OST

While that will not be the entire film, the themes will be present. The film is going to give us multiple superheroes of color and on top of that, give us a film we can relate to in a special way. This soundtrack makes you feel just like that. Even before watching the film and not being able to get/watch the film before it releases.

I can picture the trailer scenes with these particular songs. The listener becomes excited and ecstatic about these songs because rap music does that. What I love about this soundtrack is… we never (at least to my knowledge) have had a Marvel soundtrack that was predominately rap music.

Not Rated PG…

This entire album has the genre of rap. The slowest R&B song we have is by Jorja Smith titled, “I Am.” She is an R&B singer, of course, mostly known for her solo music and her Drake collaboration as well. “Remdeption Interlude” is another slow track, but it’s an ‘Interlude’ and more of those are just sounds, like an intermission in a play.

However, this album is rated Parental Advisory for a damn good reason. It uses swear words, African-American/Black slang words, and language you wouldn’t want your twelve-year-old daughter to hear in most cases.

…But It Is Rated Parental Advisory (18+)

That being said, if you are 18+ and can listen to what you want, this soundtrack is a banger. Regardless of if you like rap or not, this soundtrack truly gets you hype for the film coming out. I was expecting the usual Marvel soundtracks with ten songs being the movie orchestra songs and then five to seven being the regular OST songs. Similar to how Luke Cage’s soundtrack was, however, I did like Luke Cage’s soundtrack.

Black Panther OST

This album is truly a real album. The fourteen songs you get are strictly banger songs. The lyrics, the themes, the rappers on this album are all truly woke and ready to spit precisely what Black Panther is here to do. Oftentimes, you will hear references to “hands up, don’t shoot,” to the Black Lives Matter movement, to the struggles of being African-American/Black.

Black Panther OST Is Lit!

There are so many astounding lyrical moments on this album that I couldn’t do justice by just copying and pasting here. I wouldn’t want to ruin the lyrical and emotional moments by dissecting the album to what I think it is about.

I would rather you do that yourself. Everyone has their own version of how they appreciate and enjoy an album. Black Panther OST is just the same. I am merely just here to tell you to bump it, listen to it, and enjoy it. Black Panther is almost here, Y’all and Black Panther OST gets me even more hype for next week!

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