We already knew Doctor Who would be back by Christmas, but it’s usually not until BBC Children in Need release their usual Doctor Who Christmas Special sneak peek that it really hits us. The Doctor and his (brand new!) companion are only one month away – so here’s a few cool gifts to celebrate with other Whovians!


WhoviansA few months ago we announced the release of Doctor Who: The Whoniverse. It’s the “untold history of space and time” in 320 pages, and it’s 25% off for $33.85. Maybe you’ve run out of ideas for what to cook for the Christmas dinner? No excuses! The Official Doctor Who Cook Book is currently available for only £4 in the UK (yes, you read that right) and $12 in the US. Time to surprise your Whovian friends with a Zygon pie!

Board Games For Whovians

WhoviansIf playing games is more your thing, we’ve got you covered. The Doctor Who franchise is big enough to have all sorts of merchandise, and board games are no exception. They say the best gifts are those you can use together, right? Board games with discounts at the moment are the 50 Aniversary Edition Monopoly (35%), the Doctor’s version of Clue (30%), a Collector’s Edition Yahtzee (36%), a Trivial Pursuit to test your knowledge of the Whoniverse (35%) and the battle against the Daleks in Risk format (52%).

Oh, and don’t forget the sonic screwdrivers to err, ‘moderate’ the games! 11th’s (33%) has a green LED light and 4 sound effects (33%), and you can also find 12’s second retro screwdriver with static, flashing and chase lights and four sound effects (29%).

Random stuff that we can all appreciate

Whovians be like

The thing for that one friend that always wears too much jewelry
The thing for that one friend who’s addicted to tea/coffee
The thing for the DJ in the group
The thing you will all want to rewatch before the Christmas special

Have you found any more cool Doctor Who stuff on sale? If so, share it with us down below!