What To Binge Watch? – Galavant (ABC)

Galavant is the hilarious musical comedy you did not know you needed. After two years of hearing about this show, hearing about the cancellation, and hearing about the potential comeback I decided to give it a go.

The show was on Netflix for ages since it became canceled (or shortly thereafter). It is a show that never seems to leave the realm of Netflix, so I thought “hey, it must be good then, right?” Boy, was I right! As a huge fan of musicals, you can ask anyone I know, this was right up my alley.

From the singing to the Galavant to the medieval times; you will not be disappointed. The show over the years conspired up mixed reviews from critics. Since the show’s start in 2015, you can catch a lot of 0/5‘s or 2/5‘s; nonetheless, you can also catch some 4/5‘s and even 3/5‘s.

It depends on what you read and who is writing it. However, that does not discredit the fact that Galavant is a gem. A hilarious, comedic, musical journey into something so great.

Season 1: The Journey To Save The Girl…

The main character Galavant, played by Joshua Sasse, is what this story centers around. I mean, his name in the title, so this is the story of Galavant. He is a dashing knight that is a bit down on his luck; but, he remains determined to reclaim his reputation. He wants the Happily Ever After, the knight in shining armor, and to defeat the evil King Richard.

Sounds like a Shakespeare play already, right? Galavant is on his way to save the love of his life. This infamous love of life happened to be “kidnapped” by King Richard. Her name is Madalena, she’s of somewhat importance. Throughout season one, Galavant goes on an adventure with Princess Isabella (whose kingdom was conquered by King Richard), and his squire Sid.

Galavant season one is about the journey to King Richard’s kingdom to save the love of his life and everything in between. King Richard often hangs out with his henchman Gareth, and his chef, Vincenzo. Throughout these adventures, you find yourself excited by the musical numbers that come along.

These musical numbers remain perfectly aligned with the show. You might often catch yourself charmed by the perfect tone and dancing of the songs throughout. This show isn’t a comedy with the musical numbers, it is with everything but. The musical numbers are the one thing in the show that is taken seriously and comprehensive.

Season 2 – Enemies Become Partners?

In the second season, Gareth takes Madalena and the throne from the absent Richard. This season, Richard allies himself with Galavant who wants to rescue Isabella from an arranged marriage to Prince Harry. Prince Harry is also her eleven-year-old cousin.

Throughout the adventures of Galavant and Richard, Richard finds his purpose – or tries to. This season creates multiple quests, realizations, and wars. This being the last season of the series (with no hopeful word of any return) we end with a war.

Why Should You Binge Watch Galavant?

As a huge fan, as I said before, of musicals; I adore this show. I love the singing, the comedy, and the main characters as we learn about who they are. This show is a good show to watch if you want merely just a fun, entertaining ride. You get music, dancing, and an interesting plot, at that. I don’t understand the lackluster critics about the plot, it wasn’t half bad.

There have been worse shows on ABC have produced five seasons. I can see why the show did get canceled; most people don’t tune into musicals. If this was a Hulu or Netflix show – I think it would have been watched. However, in 2015-2016 Netflix wasn’t really taking big risks on shows. I am hoping in the future the show can come back and expand on the interesting take on the plot even more so.

Watch It (Please?)

It reminds me of GoT, but a parody, comedic version of it. This is the show I would watch after GoT to make myself happy again. It’s a fun, exciting show and I cannot stress that enough. If you want something to watch in the background as just a “background noise” show you can pay attention to while cleaning/working/and such. This is the show for you.

As a watcher, you don’t have to pay attention to every plot, every song, or ever moment. You get the gist of it between the eight episodes of season one and the finale of season two. While the show does not provide anything exciting and new between the eight episodes; nonetheless, the story continues. These eight episodes of season one are one whole adventure and story of Galavant; furthermore, you might even catch yourself rooting for Galavant. I know I did.

Sing Along with Galavant!
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