The short-lived canceled Marvel television series by the name of Agent Carter is a gem. Ranking in at only two seasons, this show could have been so much more for the Marvel Television Universe. You can now watch both seasons on Hulu, and it is worth it.

I know I am hoping for a Netflix/Hulu possible series in the future, but until then here’s why you should binge watch Agent Carter. And not just for Peggy Carter’s badassery, even though that will be a majority of the reason why.

What Is Agent Carter About?

Set in 1946, the first season of Agent Carter is Peggy Carter having to balance routine office work she does for SSR (Strategic Scientific Reserve). She remains in New York City while secretly assisting the only and only Howard Stark.

Stark finds himself framed for supplying deadly weapons to enemies in the United States. Peggy Carter has Edwin Jarvis on her side, Stark’s butler. And soon to be Jarvis (James D’Arcy) in the MCU to Tony Stark. She is on a mission to find those responsible and dispose of the weapons.

However, in the second season, Peggy Carter move from NYC to Los Angeles. In this season she is dealing with threats of a new Atomic Age by the Secret Empire. This is in the aftermath of World War II. She gains new friends, a new home, and a potentially a new love interest.

The Evolution of Peggy Carter in Television

Peggy Carter, from what we have seen on Captain America: The First Avenger was a star. She was truly a badass, feminist character that we deserved as a Marvel watching community.

Peggy not only taught us what it meant to be an independent, badass female; she also taught us how to be strong and powerful at the same time. She did her own thing, stuck up for herself, and made a name for herself in her job field when no one respected her.

Peggy has come far and lost many people along the way. However, that does not stop her from being and taking care of any business she needs to get done. It is truly a sad case that the show is canceled because Peggy is incredibly needed right now.

The Better of The Marvel Television Network Series’

Regardless of why it was canceled, I can only hope she gets some kind of Netflix or Hulu series in the future. Hayley Atwell is a perfect Peggy Carter, and I would love to see her reprise the role. Unpopular opinion, but I would say Agent Carter is better than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I would prefer to have Agent Carter back any day of the week.

The difference with Peggy Carter is that her show was designed to be intertwined with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Often Steve Rogers makes appearances (from The First Avenger) and even Howard Stark, Tony’s father along with Jarvis. These characters alone make Peggy Carter an outstanding and interactive show. I felt I never left the MCU when I watched Agent Carter, unlike the other Marvel television shows.

Agent Carter Season 1: The Beginning

The beginning of Agent Carter shows Peggy’s struggling with trying to get over the death of Steve Rogers. Not only that but becoming a double agent and helping her friend Howard Stark. You know, Tony Stark’s dad? The man, the myth, the legend?

The infamous, attractive Howard Stark? Yes, that one. However, Peggy does not know what Howard truly wants and needs. She wants to help a friend, but as everyone knows… Howard is a snake sometimes. Peggy Carter is one helluva badass this season and every season she is in.

Peggy kicks major butt and takes no names afterward. Season 1 tackles Peggy’s loyalty, strength, and her reason for doing what she does. Her job with the SSR often treats her like she is lesser than. Carter makes it known she is not.

I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter. – Peggy Carter S1, E8 ‘Valediction’

She is more than what they are and she can prove it. Carter does not simply just get coffee and lunch for everyone, she kicks ass and takes no names afterward (as I said before). In the first season, we lost a lot of characters. Some that were not as important as others, but overall, for such a deservingly entertaining series — it is emotional all the same.

Agent Carter = A Series of Tests for Everyone

This really tests Peggy’s ability to continue working even despite seeing the people around her die or fail. She continues on like the person she is. Carter keeps going and keeps moving, and does not talk about much of anything.

It is rare when Peggy Carter is being emotional with another human, and sometimes I think she should be. Working for the SSR and losing Steve was hard and she does need to talk about it sooner or later. Not just bottle it up.

Agent Carter season 1 is much of a surprise. It brings you into the story for eight episodes and completely devours and immerses you at the same time. Which is wonderful for a series to do that and make an impact on you.

The Feminists of Agent Carter Season 1

Not only is Peggy Carter a feminist badass, the men around her are too. In his own… less-deserving way, Howard Stark can be the good guy and he appreciates Peggy for what she does and believes in her. Edwin Jarvis is everyone’s right-hand man, and he does it well. He is inventive, bold, and trustworthy.

Last but not least, you have Daniel Sousa – he is one of the only people in the SSR who sticks up for Peggy Carter aside from throwing her under the bus. He truly cares about her and wishes his co-workers could give her a compliment every once in a while. That is what makes Agent Carter such a bold show to watch. All of these characters make an impact on who you are.

A Much Deserved Second Season

The second season of Agent Carter is a much watch just as much as the first season. There’s a new case, but some of the same people are involved. Some of those same people being Dottie. While things have changed, some old characters have been murdered, Sousa and Jarvis are very well still alive. And, if anything, Carter is even more so a feminist badass then she was in season 1.

This season we also meet Jarvis’ wife, Ana, who is phenomenal. What is enjoyable about this show is that the episodes span over one case, usually. The other cases are cases intertwined with the one they are working on as a whole.

However, it is rare to see a show stay dedicated to one huge case. You typically see them solved within the episode and they are moving onto something else after that. By the ending of the series, you become involved with these characters and villains. You become involved with what is happening and feel like you can solve the case along with Carter, too.

Both Seasons Are A+

The second season is just as great at the first and that is what this show excels at. I believe if it were never canceled we could have had a great show to prelude the MCU. Something to give us a bigger meaning of who Howard Stark was and how everyone is intertwined with one another. Just based on these two seasons we get a ton of prelude information to go off of.

This is not goodbye, this is ‘see you later,’ Peggy Carter.

Why You Should Binge Watch Agent Carter

Peggy Carter and Sousa are OTP forever, (as much as I love Peg and Steve), and we get a lot of Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper). This show is badass, feminist, and ready for the binging. If you want a bold show that is all about a female lead, watch Agent Carter. 

Peggy Carter is the primary role in this show and that is why I love it so much. We get an inside look on the 40s, but also we see guys get their ass kicked and what more could you want? This show excels at being bold, unique, and entertaining all at the same time. This show was well-deserving of a third season and it is truly upsetting that it never saw the light of day.

Peggy Carter, this is for you. You are an inspirational woman in the MCU and if there’s anyone to celebrate on National Women’s day, it’s you!

Peggy Carter, we miss you; thankful for being an inspirational woman!
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