The Big Bang Theory ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’ Review


The Big Bang Theory‘s ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’ feels like a big Game of Thrones commercial.


As a show about geeks, The Big Bang Theory has always made references to pop culture, from movies (Star Wars, Jurassic Park…) to TV shows (Doctor Who, Star Trek), comics, and others. This isn’t the first time the show dedicates an entire episode to just one movie/show (they did a couple Star Wars-only based episodes), but while those episodes still managed to relate to the characters of Big Bang, that was hardly the case with ‘The Viewing Party Combustion’. Instead of that, the episode just felt like a big promotion of Game of Thrones‘ Season 6 (premiering April 24th). It would make some sense if both shows aired on the same network, but that’s not the case either.

Regardless of that, it’s quite remarkable how the series always manages to air episodes just in time to coincide with real life events. This time, the episode aired three days before GOT’s premiere, but even those hilarious Batman questions still related to the recent Batman v Superman movie and even to the talks of Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie. The characters are up to date with current geek news and they constantly participate in the debate and add offer their own opinions, which is great.

Even if there wasn’t much going on, the episode was still quite entertaining, even if you’re not a Game of Thrones‘ fan. As Raj pointed out, the characters seemed to take some inspirations from GOT’s mechanics and were constantly arguing about their issues, like the fact that everyone seems to use someone else to manipulate their partner. And, while the roommate agreement meeting was not all that important (sorry, Sheldon), we come to find out that Raj is now dating both Claire and Emily, which can’t possibly end well. Finally, I also felt truly bad for Stuart when he was being bullied by Sheldon, Leonard and Howard. I hoped that he would be more accepted in the group after he lived with Howard and Bernadette for such a long time, but it seems like he will continue just being a target for mocking.

There are only three episodes of this season. Will we get to see some big development from Howard and Bernadette’s pregnancy? Will Raj’s situation blow up in his face? Will Sheldon propose to Amy for real?


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