The Military Miniaturization

The Big Bang Theory ‘The Military Miniaturization’ Review

With the parents now gone and Leonard and Penny’s ceremony being over, ‘The Military Miniaturization’ focuses on the two main storylines we can expect from this season: the military potentially using Howard’s invention, and Bernadette’s pregnancy.


If you have been following these reviews, you will already know how I have been going on about the potential the guidance system storyline can have for the series. In a show about scientists, it seems like science is too often left on the sidelines. Geeky jokes are OK, but it would be much more interesting to see more development for their scientific careers. Howard’s guidance system is actually a storyline that can be played both seriously and for laughs. Unlike the previous episodes, this time the invention involves Sheldon and Leonard as well. After taking advice from Howard’s lawyer cousin and making Sheldon promise that he wouldn’t speak during the meeting, the four of them meet up with Colonel Richard Williams (Dean Norris) to discuss the military funding of the invention. As it had already been said, Howard and the others are not interested in their invention being used as a weapon, but then the Colonel tells them that what the military does with it’s none of their business. The meeting had somewhat of a serious tone in it, but seeing Sheldon struggling to restrain his remarks was definitely the highlight of the scene. After all, they somehow end up agreeing to the Colonel’s deadline to reduce the machine’s size.

The B plot of this episode also had some surprisingly serious themes. Bernadette is now worried because people at work have found out that she’s pregnant. Bernadette was trying to keep it a secret, not only because she’s afraid of not being taken seriously as a pregnant woman in a scientific field, but also because she’s also always struggled with maintaining her credibility due to her looks. This gave us some interesting characterization for Bernadette, who has worked really hard to achieve her job and does not want to see it all go just because she’s a woman. Unfortunately, Penny was the one who ran her mouth and lied to her about it, which was a nice way for the show to remind us that Penny used to be an actress. Thankfully, their argument doesn’t last long as they both apologize at the end of the episode. Here’s to hoping Amy and Penny can support Bernadette as much as they can during this whole ordeal, Howard seems like he will be pretty busy.

I talked last week about how the season’s premiere would have probably worked better as the second part of Season 9 finale. In fact, ‘The Military Miniaturization’ works much better as the opener for Season 10. While last season had a big focus on Sheldon and Amy, and Leonard and Penny, it already seems like it’s time for the Wolowitz to shine!

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