The Big Bang Theory ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’ Review

The Big Bang Theory comes back to our screens with ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’, an episode focused on finishing off what got started in last season’s finale with Leonard and Penny’s ceremony.


When the Season 9 finale aired last May, I talked about how it felt quite lackluster in comparison to other finales from the series. After watching this season’s premiere, I can’t help but wonder whether it would have been best to have these events take place in the finale instead. Even if ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’ was not jaw-dropping either by any means, it did feel more conclusive and it had some very nice, touching moments that felt missing in the finale.

Among other things, ‘The Conjugal Conjecture’ introduced Penny’s family, which was announced during San Diego Comic Con. However, even if all the actors delivered and Jack McBrayer as Randall was as funny and charming as usual, they also felt a bit eclipsed by the on-going bickering between Leonard’s parents. After everything, it seems like the threat that Leonard and Howard could become stepbrothers is actually non-existent, and only served for Sheldon to make some awkward sexual jokes. Fortunately, all that conflict did not ruin the ceremony at all either. In fact, the ceremony was incredibly beautiful, due to both the setting and the pure love between Leonard and Penny. And, as Bernadette said, it was also about the love all the other characters have for this couple in particular: Leonard’s parents were able to at least agree on how amazing their son was, and even Sheldon said some improvised touching words on how he considers them family. Oh, how far he’s come!

While those family issues were resolved perfectly, there’s still an on-going storyline from last season that would be nice to see developed further. That is, Howard and Raj’s invention and their paranoia that the government is onto them. Here’s to hoping that the writers actually take this whole thing somewhere this season, as this could potentially be game-changing for their careers. This is, after all, a show about scientist. Adding Bernadette’s pregnancy on top of that, this season looks very exciting already!


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