The Big Bang Theory ‘The Opening Night Excitation’ Review


WARNING: This review contains BIG spoilers

Well, that was something… unexpected. It certainly was no surprise that The Big Bang Theory would dedicate an episode to the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This is not the first time that they make a Star Wars-related episode, after all. What we didn’t know is that the title ‘The Opening Night Excitation’, actually referred to two different types “opening nights” (and two different types of “excitation”).

I’m not the biggest Star Wars fan, but I was ready to sit through 20 minutes of Star Wars geekery. And I did enjoy its moments, from the opening title card, to seeing the return of Professor Proton/Obi-Wan Kenobi. And, as a Trekkie, I did appreciate Wil Wheaton appearing in the theatre dressed up as in Star Trek. The truth is that, after the first half of the season being all about Sheldon and Amy’s relationship, after they got back I was actually expecting to see something that had been missing this season: the boys getting together and geeking out. That didn’t happen.

The reason why is because, for some reason, the writers decided that it would be a good idea to put some more Shamy, scratch that, A LOT of Shamy in this episode. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Shamy shipper and I celebrate the advancements in their relationship, but I don’t think this was the right episode to do so. Having Sheldon actually stepping up his game for Amy’s birthday is something that I could understand, but having it happen in an episode that had to be all about Star Wars, that is something that I wasn’t OK with because it seemed extremely out of character.

The Opening Night Excitation - The Big Bang Theory - The Daily Fandom

I’m not going to be delving much into the discussion on whether Sheldon could be considered asexual or not. It was a headcanon of many people that Sheldon wasn’t only asexual, but also the best example of asexuality on TV right now. Of course there are many asexuals who have had sex, or who have sexual relations once in a while for their partner, but I found that Sheldon wasn’t really “repulsed” by the idea of being intimate, he just seemed nervous and insecure. For now, I’ll change my headcanon to demisexual. Also, props to him for asking for her “verbal consent”.

As romantic as that scene should have been, I also found it painfully awkward. Perhaps it was because seeing Sheldon being so serious, mature and loving was slightly OOC, or at least very, very strange. I’m sure everything from them having intercourse to Sheldon being so kind was done to prove that their breakup wasn’t meaningless and that Sheldon has actually changed and learned to appreciate and cherish her. However, it was strange that he didn’t seem too upset about, not only missing Star Wars, but about missing opening night with his friends.

Bottom line, I understand this change in him, but I can’t say that I like it. And this was certainly not the right episode to do so. The Big Bang Theory really didn’t need to put both events at once. As much as it was an interesting idea having the parallels between the anticipation and later satisfaction to both the movie and sex, I still believe that this episode had to be all about Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj (and Wil) enjoying the Star Wars movie and making geeky references. Isn’t that what this series was about?


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