The Big Bang Theory ‘The Line Substitution Solution’ Review


Dr. Beverly Hofstadter is back on ‘The Line Substitution Solution’. This time, instead of Leonard, it’s Penny the one who tries to get some connection with (or validation from?) her mother-in-law.


Despite not appearing in many episodes, Christine Baranski‘s character is a fan favorite in the fandom and one that is always fun to watch. As a psychiatrist (and it’s also pretty neat that Sigmund Freud was born 160 days ago on this day), she tends to analyze everyone around her, especially her son. This is something that has caused Leonard plenty of issues and something that has been explored more in detail this season. Sadly, we didn’t really get to see the results of Leonard’s therapy because he didn’t want to pick her up from the airport so he asked Penny to do so instead.

Penny was trying very hard to bond with her mother-in-law by trying to impress her during all episode. However, Beverly showed a lot more interest in what Bernadette and Amy were doing with their professional lives. Despite of that, I didn’t really see it as Beverly belittling Penny. She actually revealed that the reason she was upset was because she wasn’t invited to the wedding (not that she actually wanted to attend, she just wanted to at least know that she would have been invited). I do believe Beverly likes Penny and she doesn’t judge her for her professional life or academic background at all. In fact, Penny’s the one who seems to be more worried about getting validation from her. Given the stupid game Sheldon and Penny were playing in the beginning, I’m not surprised Penny might constantly feel inferior to the others for not being a scientist.

This storyline was far more interesting than the one we got from the books, which was basically attending a MARVEL event with Joss Whedon. I guess they had to give Sheldon something to play with so first it was all about him breaking his promise of taking Amy shopping and then about being upset when a person cut the line (including a very tasteless reference to Rosa Parks). All in all, both things went nowhere and didn’t even relate to the events with Dr. Beverly Hofstader.

Overall, not much happened except for Penny promising her mother-in-law to have another special ceremony that she can attend. Considering the first one was an intimate one (even though it was live streamed), one can only imagine all the potential things that could go wrong, especially with Dr. Beverly being there. We’ll have to wait until next week for that, as ‘The Convergence Convergence’ will be the final episode of Season 9.


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